Bits of Summer ~ Part 2

Another picture post. Because I take so many photos 🙂devan and misc. july 2015 022 devan and misc. july 2015 023Taken through the gator window. I love her! 🙂corn day and misc. July 2015 015The joy from seeing a monarch. I always think of my nephew in heaven when these winged beauties flutter by.Aug. 2015 02620150719_193805There was much love to see 2 ducks come to our farm.misc. July 2015 010The sweetest fishermen. ❤20150723_193024Wild hair 🙂 20150614_115307A visit to Mt. Gretna lake.20150621_200607Fun with cousins in Grandma’s sand box. 20150621_100509 20150621_102147 beach june 2015 022 beach june 2015 026beach june 2015 039beach june 2015 046beach june 2015 061Time at the beach with cousins.misc. June 2015 002 misc. June 2015 003Tricycle rides..misc and Rachelle's boys 012Corn on the cob.

That’s enough for now. Part 3 coming up soon, I think 🙂 Hopefully in the next week.

Have a great weekend! I am hunkering down inside unless I have to be outside. This weather feels like winter!


I am absolutely loving springtime. The green grass, warmer temps, budding trees, all just give a renewed energy. A boost from Winter’s slump.end of march, misc. 2015 001 end of march, misc. 2015 003 end of march, misc. 2015 004The long evenings are perfect for dropping a line in the pond! The pictures I took here, it was pretty chilly yet, but I couldn’t resist that light!end of march, misc. 2015 006 end of march, misc. 2015 009 end of march, misc. 2015 010A very peaceful way to end the day.end of march, misc. 2015 012This one warms my heart. Look, they really do get along sometimes 🙂end of march, misc. 2015 013end of march, misc. 2015 017And then they rode off into the sunset 🙂 end of march, misc. 2015 015We serve an awesome God! He makes that beautiful sun, rise and set each day.end of march, misc. 2015 016It doesn’t matter how rough of a day I have, if I get out and see the beauty of creation, I am always uplifted. Filled with the goodness of a loving God.

I pray that each of you has a lovely week! That you take the time to enjoy the beauty God offers us.

Good Times

Thought I’d share a few photos from Labor Day Weekend. We had a wonderful time at the cabin and the lake with our friends. It’s always nice to get a break from the daily grind, and just relax a bit. (Although sometimes when I’m packing and making food, I’m thinking, they had better appreciate all my hard work :))

Some highlights…cabin2014 037Getting rides with the jeep and cart.cabin2014 008 cabin2014 009 cabin2014 014Out on the boat…cabin2014 016 cabin2014 018The boys had fun tubing..cabin2014 017_edited-1I love this one of Tristan 🙂 He absolutely loves water!cabin2014 023Jenna looks pretty excited too 🙂cabin2014 025We had AMAZING food. Really. I gained a few pounds over the weekend 🙂cabin2014 031Singing Father Abraham. Lots of motions involved 😉cabin2014 039 cabin2014 040Beautiful scenery…cabin2014 029 cabin2014 049 cabin2014 057A turtle and lots of fun by the creek, building a dam and who knows what else 🙂cabin2014 043 cabin2014 044 cabin2014 045

1. Jeep talks 🙂 2.Sweet Ashley 3. Devan having fun on the ripstik

Like always, it’s good to go away and good to come home!

My baby

Not too much of a baby anymore 🙂 The older I get , the faster time flies 🙂 misc, maryland trip 018 misc, maryland trip 017_edited-1Water and her go hand in hand!misc, maryland trip 022_edited-1Proud of her muddy hands.misc, maryland trip 026 misc, maryland trip 023_edited-1Laundry tubs sure are handy for quick cleanups!mosl 029_edited-1A bit of a power struggle here 🙂 mosl 028_edited-1 mosl 026_edited-1She likes to think she’s in control! As I was on the computer tonight, I heard her upstairs scolding the boys, ” Be quiet! Go to bed! ”

We love her to bits!

I hope you are blessed with a terrific week! ~ Jolene