Today, I’m thankful for…

house,farm, misc 008_edited-1New siding that is now done. Out with that ugly yellow, in with lovely neutral 🙂20141008_140909My sweet girl, all cuddly and fast asleephouse,farm, misc 046_edited-1Children that play and laugh together. Sometimes 😉 house,farm, misc 066 house,farm, misc 070 house,farm, misc 071_edited-1 house,farm, misc 073A bountiful corn crop and full siloshouse,farm, misc 065Tractors with cabs so I can send Jenna along with somebody 🙂 This time it was with her Uncle,farm, misc 075A girl full of spunk 😉house,farm, misc 089Clean kitchen floors. However long they may stay that way 🙂

There is so much more I’m thankful for – a warm blanket I’m snuggled in as I type, a husband that works hard, 4 full of life children, a roof over my head, freezers full of food (including pork, remember those pigs? :)), some quiet time to myself,and the list could go on and on.

God is good 🙂

‘Round here

We’ve got ducks in the creekjune, july 2014 and tiffany 004_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 001_edited-1We drink milk! 🙂june, july 2014 and tiffany 028_edited-1We build stuff ( it’s a tree house in case you’re wondering 🙂 )june, july 2014 and tiffany 029_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 031_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 032 june, july 2014 and tiffany 048_edited-1The main carpenter 🙂 june, july 2014 and tiffany 049_edited-1And if the children can reach the mulberries, good chance they will be eaten 🙂 …june, july 2014 and tiffany 034 june, july 2014 and tiffany 035_edited-1We have calves, and calf roundups 🙂june, july 2014 and tiffany 044_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 045_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 046_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 047_edited-1We even share on occasion!

These moments of sweetness I treasure!

These moments of sweetness I treasure!

june, july 2014 and tiffany 042_edited-1We love anything that involves water

even if it's only a tub ;)

even if it’s only a tub 😉

june, july 2014 and tiffany 072

Crazy Tristan!

june, july 2014 and tiffany 070_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 074_edited-1june, july 2014 and tiffany 084_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 085_edited-1And the popular opinion here is that if you need a piece of equipment, it most definitely should be green and yellow. I am the practical voice that says if it works, it doesn’t matter what color it is 🙂 (I get a lot of feedback when I say things like that :))

I hope you are being blessed with a good week!


This and that


jenna, school trip, etc 002_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 003_edited-1God is so evident in His beautiful creation!jenna, school trip, etc 006_edited-1Sweet blue-eyed boy ( my nephew )jenna, school trip, etc 011_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 010_edited-1jenna, school trip, etc 012_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 013_edited-1My farm boys – hard at work 🙂jenna, school trip, etc 016_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 018My little girlie loves water!!jenna, school trip, etc 028 Make A Wish Parade – this cart was so funny 🙂jenna, school trip, etc 029Watching from Daddy’s lap. I might add that this lasted for a very short time 😉jenna, school trip, etc 038_edited-2 jenna, school trip, etc 039Is this not the cutest face?!! Jenna loves her Aunt Caca’s ( Carla’s 🙂 ) dogs!jenna, school trip, etc 041_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 043_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 044_edited-1Spending time in the tractor with Daddy. Dale was enjoying this demo tractor 🙂jenna, school trip, etc 050_edited-1 jenna, school trip, etc 053 jenna, school trip, etc 062_edited-1Jenna’s 2 1/2 yr. pictures… more to come later 🙂