Simple Things

I’ve been thinking lately of being happy and content with the simple things. For myself, sometimes I feel pretty content, and then the next time I’m thinking “boy, it would be nice to have that, look like her,have money like them,be as good a mom as she is,be creative like her,ect. ect. So being content is something I need to work at. I think we all do. And really, we are so blessed. I think sometimes if we’d have less, we would be more content. Why is it, that when we have so much already, we desire more? Perhaps our sinful nature.

I decided to post some simple things that I love and treasure. And in the spirit of simplicity, I chose not to edit any of these photos. I tossed that idea back and forth, just because I can be a bit obsessive compulsive. I think everything needs tweaking 🙂 But, I stuck to the plan. So here’s to the simple things in life…20150109_160300Healthy newborn farm babies. If only they stayed so cute 🙂20150114_143809My sweet little girl. She woke up too soon from her afternoon nap crying for mommy. Needed a cuddle, and back to sleep she went, with a tear still on her cheek. ❤misc. Jan 2015 007misc. Jan 2015 008 misc. Jan 2015 010 20150110_09080820150110_090803misc. Jan 2015 012Healthy children and a pond for them to skate on. This was a very chilly morning, and I was incredibly happy to head back to the house.20150110_091330Watching her enjoy her shadow 🙂20150109_182600A son that asks to wash dishes. Even though this doesn’t happen often 🙂20150113_181820Soup, salad, homemade bread. Yes indeedy!2015-01-09 21.18.45The privilege of living on a farm. This guy would be lost without his precious cows :)*misc. Jan 2015 003 misc. Jan 2015 004 misc. Jan 2015 006Saturday morning pancakes. With chocolate chips, of course 🙂20150110_221421Time to scrapbookmisc. Jan 2015 018 misc. Jan 2015 019A cute little girlie playing on mom and dad’s bedmisc. Jan 2015 022 misc. Jan 2015 023 misc. Jan 2015 025Homemade bread. The smell of it baking, the melt in your mouth taste. There is a reason I don’t bake bread very often 😉20150112_124539Cuddles from little peoplemisc. Jan 2015 026Icecream and hot fudge sauce for an afternoon snack. Need I say more? 🙂

Those are just a few things. I could think of so many more! What simple things do you appreciate? Let’s take the time to enjoy them!

* I realized after I was double checking this post that the picture of Tristan and the cows had a filter added to it. (I had taken it with my phone, and was playing around with it). So technically that one was edited 🙂

And I’m trying not to notice all the things that should be cropped, brightened, etc. on the other photos 🙂 Simplicity, I tell myself 🙂