You know you’re a mom…

When you return to a room 3 times before you actually remember the reason you went there in the 1st place.

When you reheat your coffee pretty much every. single. time. 🙂

When you find $45.00 of your cash in their toy cash register. Yes, this happened. And on the bright side, it was like a present to myself when I found it 🙂

When your child is telling you exactly what they think is going to happen, and you say “Who died and made you the boss?” Ok, maybe mature mothers don’t say that, but I did. The response from my 4 yr. old was, “God did” Ok then. 🙂20160723_153658When you feel too busy to edit photos for your blog. Or you just don’t care 🙂

When you put the children to bed and eat that bedtime snack in peace. No interruptions. Can I get an AMEN?! 😉

When you become a topnotch referee.20160724_153318When the poor baby gets passed around from one set of arms to the next. Some arms are nicer than others, haha 🙂

When you’re busy, and didn’t cook up a full course meal, and resort to a good old fire to feed your crew 🙂20160719_183824

When exercise consists of lunges to save a child, dashes to catch a child, weight lifting to pick up a child, you get the drift 🙂20160722_200301And maybe walks that involve weaving strollers 🙂

When needing a moment finds you in a corner somewhere stuffing chocolate in your mouth. I’ve never done this, of course! 😉

Being a mom also means endless hugs, snuggles, baby sweetness, “I love yous”, goodnight kisses, and a whole lot of joy! I wouldn’t trade it for anything, even on the tough days!20160724_151000

If you care too, leave me a comment to add to this “You know you’re a mom” theme 🙂

Being a Mom

I’m still learning how to do this mom thing. If another more experienced mom would have told me at 20 yrs. old what all I was getting into, I probably would have thought they were exaggerating 🙂

Last evening we were home, and I was out of lunch meat, eggs, or anything else that I often have for a Sunday supper, so I decided on soft pretzels. The kiddos all wanted to help make them. I wanted them to be able to help, but the neat freak in me was cringing inside. “Please keep the flour on the island”, “are your hands clean?”, ” roll up your sleeves, they are covered in flour”. And then the fighting began, and I forgot to grease the wax paper I put them on, and they looked they were all made my 4 yr. olds. Sigh. And then they were coming out of the oven, and Dale came in, and as fast as 1 pan came out, they were soon devoured. I didn’t count, but I would say it made 20-25 small pretzels. I got 2. Which is reasonable, but the pregnant mommy wanted another, and they fought over the last one! Needless to say, I was perturbed. Being a mom means servanthood, and I really struggle with that sometimes.

Being a mom means sometimes we let the messes go to do something more important. Like write a blog post. Ok, kidding a little, but right now my house is messy, and I chose to write instead. And this morning I felt a bit lousy, and Jenna wanted me to play a game with her. I so often choose the wrong thing, but this morning I played with her for 10 min., and she was so happy. Taking time for our children is always a good thing. It’s just not always what we feel like doing. Again, being a mom requires serving.

Being a mom means you are a walking wet wipe/tissue/burp rag. Got a booger, give that to mom. Snot nose, her clothing will clean that. Sticky mouth, wipe that good on mom’s outfit. It works great 🙂

Being a mom means that we clean, and wash, and bake, and cook, and discipline over and over and over again. Because we love them. And sometimes we do it while feeling very unloving. At least I do. But love should override feelings. Sometimes that selfish nature comes out, and apologies need to be made. And sometimes we need to give ourselves a pep talk, and change our attitudes. But love serves, even when it’s hard.

Being a mom means you make a great pillow, and your bed sleeps better than your children’s beds. And there’s always room for one more 🙂

You are the boo boo kisser, the dishwasher, the cook, the nurse, the story reader, the referee, the taxi driver, the cleaning lady, and so much more.

And guess what? Sometimes being a mom means we can do what we feel like doing. Within reason 🙂 And tonight I felt like making these, because baby wanted some chocolate 😉20160208_194810These are so easy! I may have shared these before, but since I don’t remember, and I feel too lazy to look back, I’ll share again.

I make 1 brownie mix (9×13), bake at required temp, throw on marshmallows to cover and put back in oven for another minute. Cool a bit. Mix 1 cup chocolate chips and 1 cup peanut butter, and melt together. Add 2 cups rice Krispies to chocolate and peanut butter mixture, and spread on top. And eat with a glass of cold milk 🙂

To all the moms out there, hang in there, take a deep breath, and keep serving your families. It is a high calling for sure. And if you’re not a mom, I hope I didn’t scare you from it 🙂 Because it’s so worth it, every bit!

And now I have to take a breath myself, a very deep one, and referee a big fight happening here 🙂

From the mouth of a 4 yr. old

She sits on my lap, never still, always wiggling. And proceeds to (how to say this delicately), pass gas. And the smell, it is bad! Then she hugs me and says, “Mom, will you forgive me?” Of course I will 🙂

The bed is her stage as she looks at herself in the mirror, talking to herself. “You know I’m gonna be a Jenna sister? Yes, yes I am, Mom said!” (She means a big sister) 🙂 I think God knows when I need some encouragement 🙂

I lay on the recliner. My hair is a sight, still in my pj’s, because of that yucky morning sickness. And she hugs my neck, and says “Beautiful mommy”. I love her!

On a side note, whomever came up with the term, morning sickness? Does anyone really only feel sick in the morning? At any rate, one day at a time is how we get through, right?

She has perfected the shoulder shrug. She sees older siblings in action 🙂 And then she proceeds to say, “That’s so lame!” We have our hands full with this one 🙂 And all the others 🙂 Sometimes we think what are we doing bringing another life into the world? We just don’t have this parenting thing figured out! But you just do the best you can, and ask for so much grace. And God gives it. More than we deserve.diana and randy 2015 002


Yes, it’s been very real today. You know it’s real every day, at least it is for me, but some days it’s really real, if you know what I’m saying 🙂

It was a dreary day here, but I didn’t mind. And when Dale volunteered to take the children to school this morning, I was grateful. A bit of alone time. Yes, sir 🙂 But I did know there would be guys in my kitchen fixing my backsplash. That’s fine. We have other rooms in the house to drink coffee in 🙂

Jenna and I did a grocery run, which went ok. Besides the bill, but I’m rarely ok with that 🙂

The afternoon went downhill. Not in a horrible, tragic way. More like a slow, continuous battle. Today was vision therapy day for my son. We drove through rain, but got there in time. So that was nice. Also, a confession after my rant about running red lights. I think I hit about 10 yellow lights today 🙂 I went through some easily. Stopped for others. And I kind of went through one that turned red on me. Shame on me! I felt immediate guilt, because of all that I said about this. I really think God tests me when I say things 🙂

Anyway, that all went well, and then came home, threw some hotdogs and kraut in the crock pot because I’m nutritious like that. And I wasn’t going to cook with the tile guys in my kitchen. Don’t judge 🙂

Then milking time. Maybe I should correct myself, and say that’s where the struggle started 🙂 The weather turned muggy and humid, and our barn was a sticky mess. It affected me. And the cows. And the children. And the husband. You get my drift. Really though, the cows seemed uptight, hitting me in the face with their tail, kicking off milkers, chewing on them. And then the boys decided to race their bikes around, yelling loudly, till mom lost it, and hollered. Shame on me again.

Time for supper. Realized the hotdogs were on low 😦 Turned up the crock pot. One child is losing it that he made a mistake on his homework, call the teacher NOw, Mom, call her NOW. The other child ran around throwing folded wash on the floor. Another trying to tell me something, and yelling that she can’t talk because interrupts her. One comes in stripped down to his skivvies, fussing that his brother threw sawdust on him, and he’s so itchy, and his sister is lecturing him on immodesty. Aand the mom yelled,”What next???!!”  And started dishing out advice, and thank goodness the hubby is coming in the door!

And then more homework, and bathtime, and bedtime. I told them I couldn’t wait to put them to bed. That probably wasn’t the nicest thing to say. I really felt like that though. I wonder if I’m cut out for this job of mothering sometimes. My post last week about life, and how quickly it can be gone, should make me think. And it does. But then why do I mess up over and over again? I can picture God sighing about me some days.

Like I said, not a terribly, horrible no good very bad day. Just a day that felt like I didn’t cope well with my attitude and my children.

I feel a bit silly now that I wrote out my feelings 🙂 But I also feel better. And in about 5 minutes, I’ll be feeling better yet. Because I will be eating an apple dumpling from my sweet mother. And it will be very yummy 🙂 Don’t judge 🙂

Feel free to share your struggles in the comments. I admit to sometimes feeling like I bore you over my life, and have little interaction with you 🙂 My stats show that someone is reading this blog. Maybe not many, but still some 🙂 And I love reading comments, so please share if you find time 🙂

Now… about that apple dumpling;)

I’ve come to realize…

… that randomness is something I am quite good at 🙂 Say that in your best English accent 😉 Anywho, we’ll be keeping this post very random.

I guess since this is my little spot to write and share things, I’m going to share something that I think is getting progressively worse. It bugs me very much. People that run red lights. And if you are wondering, did I see you doing that, that would be no. I’m not saying I never ran one. If I did though, it was because the sun was in my eyes, or the yellow light changed to quickly. Ok, or maybe I was in a hurry. Working on that! But really, the other day my light turned green, and I slowly started going, and some person blew right past me. We could have had a very unfortunate meeting. And every Wednesday, I take my son to a therapy appointment that is a 1/2 hr. drive, and it is unbelievable how many people run right through a red light! In fact, one guy was coming up to the light, and my guess was it had been red at least 2 to 3 seconds, and he never even hit the brakes. Just went through like it was greener than green. Is it just me, or are the colors on the light pretty easy to see? And red means STOP the vehicle. Got that off my chest 🙂

Moving on..

At the store this week, I heard a mother talking very unkindly to her children. And then she proceeded to call them idiots. My heart hurt for them. So many mistreated children. Our words can be weapons, fellow moms. Trust me, I do that way more than I care to admit. Something to think about when those sweet children are wearing you down.

The weather lately has been all sorts of lovely. I do love fall!20151005_18242120150926_180356Filling the planter.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Picking up potatoes at Pop-pop and Grandma.

20150924_090626 She loves our puppy Caramel.20151008_124456 20150922_184153 20151008_115120MISC. Sept. 2015 006This guy sat on my washline post, and left me get quite close.

Mom brain is actually a thing. Yesterday, I was going over quickbooks since I am only 4 months behind, and I discovered my balance was off. The reason, a deposit that I put in the deposit slot, and then subtracted it instead of adding it. The nice part – I could add it back to our account 🙂

I took my children’s photos one evening. I got a lot of this.kiddos Sept. 2015 031

This sarcasm fits me well 🙂facebook_1444052018867facebook_1442780287492kiddos Sept. 2015 003 kiddos Sept. 2015 008 kiddos Sept. 2015 012 kiddos Sept. 2015 016I did not edit these. Just God giving that gorgeous light.

Jenna has learned to ride a bike. Guess she wanted to show her big brothers that girls can ride without training wheels at 3 yrs. old too 😉kiddos Sept. 2015 019

Have a great weekend, friends!

Farm wife thoughts

*Composed over the morning milking. Thoughts reflected on here are not to be judged by my sleep deprived brain 😉

It’s 10:15 p.m. I am in bed. This is early for me, but the mornings I milk, I try to get to bed earlier, so the rest of the family doesn’t suffer too much from my grumpiness the next day 🙂 I set 2 alarms. One for 3:20,to make sure hubby gets his sleep deprived body out of bed. One for me at 3:45. The phone tells me I have 5 hrs. and 28 min. till I need to move. Now I may be weird, but I always do this thing like, “I’m only getting 5 1/2 hrs. of sleep, and I have to do this, this, and this tomorrow, and I am going to be so tired till evening!” I mean, I practically make myself tired thinking this way 🙂 I’m old enough to know that I function best on 6 to 7 hrs., but that’s not always possible, is it? 🙂

Suffice it to say, I didn’t need an alarm clock. It came in the form of a little girl, and the pitter patter of her feet across the floor, before she crawled into bed with me. And began scratching. She had started with what I thought was poison, but turned into a rash across her belly and back and face. And she felt miserable. So I believe that was around 2, and till I got her back to sleep, I was too awake to drift off into a good sleep.

Bet you can guess my thoughts when the alarm did go 😉 “I am so tired! I only had 4 hrs. of sleep! Why are we farmers?????!! Must I? 🙂

I stumbled into the kitchen, and checked my one drawer that had appeared to have visitors in it. I knew there was visitors because they left me some presents in the form of terds. Now mice in my kitchen makes me mad! So I had set a trap. I opened the drawer and almost slammed it shut, because there was a creepy body lying there. Score one for me!

I finished getting ready, and headed out the door. Dale looked as bleary eyed as me. Time to milk those blessed cows. Yay! 🙂

So I’m feeling a bit moody you know, because not enough sleep, you know 🙂 And thus was this rambling post born 🙂 By the way, something that helps me when I feel sour is to pray for other folks. Ones that have gone through tough times. Mothers that sit by hospital beds. Families that lost someone precious. Those with health issues. The list goes on. And I soon have a much better attitude, and a thankful spirit.

And the moral of this all over the place post. If you think you want to be a dairy farmer, STOP! Dig in those heels, and don’t give in to the temptation! I’m joking!! 🙂 The point here is, your attitude can make or break your day, That is all 🙂