From my phone

Because my son has been making the bed like this for at least 2 weeks now. It needs documentation 🙂20161102_105111Sometimes I go away and the house looks like this. Yes, I really do 🙂20161110_091410I love silhouettes!!img_20161028_204101-copy img_20161024_200841-copy img_20161002_205802-copy20161110_172720 img_20161102_203911I loved this training I took in one day from Sonya Dudley! She is so sweet, and I learned so much!20161001_125015A barn party for the youth. It was sooo cold!20161112_194703 20161112_194817 20161112_183859Darian and his cousin Braden are 6 days apart in age.20161023_200405My chunky baby ❤20161005_080338 img_6454This evil looking snake was discovered by our puppy just a few yards from our front door. It met it’s maker 🙂 20161020_160239A fire and Mt. Pies for supper…20161012_183305For all you people who love shopping on Black Friday. May I just say God bless you, and my bed will feel quite cozy, haha 😉 And if you want to give yourself or someone you know, the gift of better health, now is a great time to try Plexus products!! I love seeing people thriving, and who doesn’t love a deal? 🙂 If you want to contact me, my info is on my About page.fb_img_1479994957058The morning light and her sweet profile…img_20161024_081002-copyThat’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed your day of Thanksgiving!!

Find the joy

I know I post often on motherhood topics, but it is where I am at this stage on life, so bear with me 🙂

Our barn is set up with an overhead door on the end, and it’s finally warming up a bit so we can keep the door open sometimes. I love it, because I can see out, and catch glimpses of the children when they are outside. Tonight as we milked, it was a bit chilly, so we only had it open a little bit. It was enough for me to see a pair of little legs, clad in pink boots, running back and forth on the front walks, followed by 4 furry legs, running behind her. How it made me smile.

I know all too often that I neglect to take notice of the little things. So quickly they grow up, no longer the tiny, crying babes we brought into the world. I read something from a young mother that really caught my attention. I don’t remember her words exactly, but she said something about how are children were given to us, they are our mission field. And she really encouraged mothers to remember that.

This really spoke to me. Sometimes I think it can feel like we are so busy taking care of our families, and not doing enough to help others. Don’t get me wrong, I think we must take time to be there for others. But in meeting the needs of our children, we are doing what God has called us to do. We are raising little souls.

I know I do not always think of it that way. When life just feels hard, and you are tired of all the messes, the fighting, the crying. But perhaps, if we can think of it as fulfilling our God given role, we can be encouraged, and keep on training, disciplining, and loving our children. Our blessings from God.

My prayer for you this week, is that you can be joyful in what you are called to do. That you take notice of the little things, and that you smile 🙂

And because I find it hard to do a post without photos :), here are some shots from my phone, of the little moments we’ve had lately.20150309_134932Taking a walk while waiting on Tristan to finish his vision therapy session.20150309_080927“Helping” me wash dishes.20150310_151704Delicious oreo cheesecakes from a sweet friend {you know who you are} 🙂20150306_094711Having her hot chocolate.20150308_164145My sweet boy and our farm dog, hanging out with me at milking time.20150306_065507Playing with toothpicks in the morning sun.20150312_182709Enchilada casserole.20150313_130655Hittin’ the books 🙂20150304_095649My 2 silly girls ❤20150311_185024Sunset photo from a walk out the farm lane. God’s beautiful masterpiece.