Baby news

The nausea grips me, and I swallow, pushing against it, willing it to leave me. Sometimes it is a mild thing, there, but not overtaking all my thoughts. I am expecting it to keep increasing. It did with my other 4. I could never hide a pregnancy, because I became sick early on. Yes, we are excited, and can’t wait to meet this new little one, July sometime, Lord willing!

A fun announcement I made up for family and friends. I didn’t mail many, simply because it’s soon time to send Christmas cards, but this was fun to do 🙂jenna_edited-1She did order a real baby for her birthday. But that was a few days before her birthday 🙂 These things take a little longer than that 🙂

The children are very excited! One of them wondered how exactly I know I’m having a baby. Um,Uh, (a bit of stuttering), son, after I had 4, I know.” Well, did you have an ultrasound?” I told him no .”Well then, you don’t know!” I sometimes choose to remain silent 🙂

The other son wondered if Dad knows. Yes, I believe he does 🙂

Jenna said she wants a boy. Then she said a girl. We will not be hoping for twins 🙂 I used to think that would be neat. That was before I knew how much work one baby is. Moms of multiples, you are amazing! 🙂

At any rate, I want to embrace this, even on the tough days. I know it will be so worth it!

Happy Thanksgiving! And if you insist on torturing yourself by shopping on Friday, I wish you well 😉

Our birthday girl

I hear a slight thud as her feet hit the floor. And then the shuffle of little feet that I know are headed my way. She slips into bed and snuggles up to my warmth. “Good morning Mommy!” Yes child, it is morning, but too early. “Go back to sleep” I say. She’s a mess, this child. Last to bed, 1st to rise. And she always seems to know when my alarm is going to go off, because she crawls in right when I want to get up. And if I do manage to get her back to sleep, she always seems to know that Mom’s not in bed anymore. Some mornings I cringe about her cheerful, early bird self, but some I just don’t care. Because I know far to soon for my liking, she won’t need those morning snuggles.

Today, she turns 4. IMG_4998 IMG_5000_edited-1 IMG_5002 IMG_5011_edited-1 This girl is such a bright spot around here! She is sassy, energetic, adventurous, bossy, kissable, curious, and too smart for her britches 🙂 I really see her going places someday. If, God willing, she uses her traits for something good.

The way she acted in the womb should have warned me 😉 And my labor with her was so unlike the others. The others were 5, 6, and 11 days late. With her, I went in for a checkup 2 wks. before my due date, and with all the contractions I had been having (normal for me), my midwife thought it best to check things out. And then I hear,” You’re 7cm! Your baby will be here today!” I think my jaw hit the floor 🙂

To make a long story short, she only came 3 days later, and that was with a little help. She was 11 days early. Feisty from the get go 🙂 IMG_5015_edited-1IMG_5017_edited-1She keeps us on our toes, quite literally. And we don’t get bored 🙂IMG_5051_edited-1 IMG_5037_edited-1 IMG_5012We are so grateful God gifted her to us! And we love her so very much!

I have a teenager.

We have a teenager. It feels weird saying that, like it was thrown in my face, and how exactly did this happen??!

Kirsten is 13 today. Our beautiful girl. Still so much a child, but taking steps into womanhood.IMG_4730_edited-1 IMG_4758_edited-1We are knee deep in eye rolls, shoulder shrugs, attitudes, and emotions all over the place 🙂 And we are blessed! She brings a lot of joy to this family. It’s so nice to have an extra set of hands to help me with household chores, and she is a great babysitter. Mostly. Not saying we never have willingness issues 🙂 Sometimes she brings out the worst of me. Pushes every last button I’ve got. But she also calls me out on mistakes I make, and encourages me when I’m down. She can write the best notes, and she can bake a mean brownie 🙂IMG_4764_edited-1 IMG_4767_edited-1It doesn’t seem possible that the years have gone by so fast, but they have. So grateful for the gift God gave us on a Sunday morning, 13 yrs. ago.IMG_4768_edited-1 IMG_4772_edited-1A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give. -Laurel Atherton


She’s bouncy, she’s bubbly, she’s endless delight,

She’s feisty, she’s bossy, She’ll put up a fight,

She’s nose rubs and warm hugs, and laughter & love,

She’s kisses and snuggles,

Our gift from above.

She’s sighs and frustrations, and sometimes tears,

She’s giggles and sunshine,

A beautiful 3 yrs.

Our little lady…jenna collage“This photo session was all fun and games until you asked me to sit still and smile. You get that, don’t you? You should know me by now! :)”    I’m guessing those were the thoughts going through her adorable little head. 3 going on 13. Help me please 😉 I got wallets of this pose anyway, because this is the face I see rather often 🙂jenna, fall 016_edited-1                 I’m thinking big sister was holding her attention here.jenna, fall 010_edited-1That mischievous look I love.jenna, fall 009_edited-1jenna, fall 013_edited-1Another familiar expression of hers 🙂jenna, fall 015_edited-1jenna, fall 017_edited-1Sometimes I look at her and wonder how on earth she happens to be 3!? She had her own mind from the very start. All my other babies were born late. And when I say late, I mean it 🙂 Kirsten was 6 days late, Devan 11 days (pretty sure he’d still be in there if he could :)), and Tristan was 5 days late. So when #4 came along, I figured I’d be late again. I had a pattern going on. Not so, said she 🙂 When I went to my midwife at 2 wks. till Dday, she informed me that I would be delivering a baby that day. I’m pretty sure my jaw hit the floor 🙂 I always had false labor with my others, but I never was on bed rest for dilating too soon. But this time was different. 7 cm and I had no clue. I was very uncomfortable, and lots of contractions, but never that painful that I thought I’d be at 7! Well, like I said she had her own time table. I told my midwife I really needed to go to the store for some things, and she allowed me to, as long as I wasn’t getting too many painful contractions. Let’s just say, my trip to Walmart was super fast and I was a slightly stressed momma to be 🙂 Needless to say, Jenna decided she liked it just fine in her mommy’s belly. Every day checkups and no change. Midwife said walk up and down the stairs, maybe that will get you going. Nope. I was milking cows, hoping all that bending and squatting would do something. No again 🙂 She came at 11 days early instead of 14. I was just amazed that I had one before my due date! My labor was not quite 3 hrs. And much easier than the others. What a blessing! And because I was so sure she was a boy, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard ” It’s a girl!”. Happy, relieved tears. She was perfect. A beautiful, dark haired princess. Our gift from God.Picture 245Happy, tired mommy. Glad to be home! Picture 247Picture 249Picture 260Picture 274Picture 267Picture 271Like I said, our little princess. I miss those days 🙂 But I love her age now, too. Just wish time wouldn’t fly so fast! But it did, and here we are with a busy 3 yr. old 🙂jenna, fall 018_edited-1 jenna, fall 020_edited-1 jenna, fall 021_edited-1 jenna, fall 022_edited-1 I am thankful, so thankful for the blessing of children! I think I realized a little more with each child, just how fast the time does go. And I had more appreciation for those baby days. And each milestone. So interesting to watch them grow into their own personalities. And this girl has quite a bit of personality ;)But I wouldn’t change a thing!

Are you staying warm this week? I guess that would depend where you live 🙂 Here it is FRIGID. In my opinion 🙂 Blessings!