I am absolutely loving springtime. The green grass, warmer temps, budding trees, all just give a renewed energy. A boost from Winter’s slump.end of march, misc. 2015 001 end of march, misc. 2015 003 end of march, misc. 2015 004The long evenings are perfect for dropping a line in the pond! The pictures I took here, it was pretty chilly yet, but I couldn’t resist that light!end of march, misc. 2015 006 end of march, misc. 2015 009 end of march, misc. 2015 010A very peaceful way to end the day.end of march, misc. 2015 012This one warms my heart. Look, they really do get along sometimes 🙂end of march, misc. 2015 013end of march, misc. 2015 017And then they rode off into the sunset 🙂 end of march, misc. 2015 015We serve an awesome God! He makes that beautiful sun, rise and set each day.end of march, misc. 2015 016It doesn’t matter how rough of a day I have, if I get out and see the beauty of creation, I am always uplifted. Filled with the goodness of a loving God.

I pray that each of you has a lovely week! That you take the time to enjoy the beauty God offers us.



After a crazy day, it felt right to do a post on a relaxing evening I had spent at the pond with the children a few weeks back.spring 2014 038_edited-1 spring 2014 040_edited-1Devan loves to fish!spring 2014 041_edited-1spring 2014 042_edited-1Checking out what her brothers are up to 🙂spring 2014 043_edited-1Kirsten took this one. My little guy doesn’t give me too many snuggles anymore, and so I’ll enjoy them while I can 🙂spring 2014 044_edited-1And success!spring 2014 046_edited-1Unhooking the little guy so he can go back to swimming 🙂

Sometimes it’s hard to take time to do things with your children that they enjoy, but it makes them so happy! I know I need to work on that , but as for this evening of fishing, I sure enjoyed it!