After attending a young girl’s funeral, it really made me think of how I am loving my family. This could have been our family crying, missing our child, wondering how we will go on. It could have been yours. Some things in life do not make sense, but there is something that will never change, and that is the love of a Father who hears our every heart’s cry.

I’ve been thinking a bit about Father’s Day this week. How blessed I am to be married to a man that loves us. I am not the sappy, sentimental gush on and on type. I won’t pretend he is perfect. In fact, sometimes he really frustrates me πŸ™‚

Quick illustration.. Dale was out chopping for the neighbor last evening. I called him a bit before 10:00, and reminded him it would be him and I milking in the morning, and that I am going to bed. Normally, when I milk, I set the alarm for 3:45 a.m., and that’s when I get up. I do not set 3 alarms to go off every 5 min., and proceed to turn them all off, and still not wake up πŸ˜‰ That would be him! I did say he frustrates me ;)Anyway, because I knew he’d be out late, and be tired, I set my alarm for 3:20, so that I could wake him up to feed. Well, the alarm went, I rolled over, no hubby in bed. Not concerned, I figured he hit the recliner downstairs, and never made it upstairs. Nope, not there either. It was raining, so I threw on a jacket, and ran out to his garage. If he gets home really late, he’ll sleep on the chair out there. Not there either. Checked the barn office. Nope. And I forgot to mention, I called his phone, and it went straight to voice mail. By now I was a bit worried if something was wrong. I jumped into the car, and drove out to the corn shed to see if the tractor was there. Figured he parked it, and his eyes went shut πŸ™‚ Well, tractor was there, no Dale. I was out of options, but I swung down by the barn, and his pickup was parked there, thought maybe he was in there. Didn’t see him. But I slowed down to get a better look, and I guess he saw my lights, and woke up, and came stumbling out of the truck. So I asked him WHY he was sleeping there??! He said he ran to pick up the trailer, and when he came back, his eyes were so tired he thought he’d just sit a bit. Well anybody that knows my guy, knows that when he sits, he can be out, just like that:) Like I said, he frustrates me.

But none of us are perfect. I’m sure he could tell you how I annoy him. And this lady is blessed to have him. I watch him with our children, and I love him even more.

Checkers with Devan

Checkers with Devan

misc. June 2015 023Jenna loves when he lets her “help” carry the milk jug!Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetDaddy’s shoulders ❀20150618_185631Throwing a few before he heads to a meeting.

Really, we should celebrate him more than on Father’s Day. I don’t say it enough how grateful I am for him. Make sure you let the Fathers, Husbands,Dads,Grandpas, in your life know how special they are. And if this helps you remember that Father’s Day is soon here, you are welcome πŸ˜‰


# 1 Dad

In honor of my favorite guy in the world πŸ™‚ Happy Father’s Day!!

Picture 288

Was Jenna really this little?! Time flies!

Picture 423

Joke I pulled on him πŸ™‚ The yard was full of cows πŸ™‚

Picture 495

Love this one!

Picture 137

The boys spend alot of time with Dad


Poor Dad squished on the bottom πŸ™‚


So sweet! ❀

pictures 171And just because he loves John Deere…

giving the girls a ride

giving the girls a ride

I rode along for a round :)

I rode along for a round πŸ™‚


he loves pics like this ;)

he loves pics like this πŸ˜‰

Thank you for the long days & short nights, the booboos kissed, the tears wiped, your patience, kindness, & love for us!

We think you are the bestΒ ! Love you!!