Spring shots

april 2015 011_edited-1Riding in the barn. april 2015 014 april 2015 015Love those quiet moments of just getting along, no fighting. 🙂 april 2015 017Attic and window light ❤md and misc april 2015 001 This guy loves to mow.md and misc april 2015 016_edited-1 md and misc april 2015 019_edited-1 md and misc april 2015 022_edited-1 md and misc april 2015 026md and misc april 2015 032_edited-1In April, Dale and I, and Jenna & Tristan went down to Md. for the day to see our friends, Harlan and Regina Good. Dale helped Harlan get bedding down for the chickens that were coming. Regina and I scrapbooked, and visited, and took care of our children 🙂 It was a long day, but a good day!misc. april 2015 005Mt. pies over the fire..misc. april 2015 006 misc. april 2015 007Of course you should drink your hot chocolate out of a cow mug! 😉misc. april 2015 008 misc. april 2015 010 misc. april 2015 011Playing…misc. april 2015 013This girl! I can feel the gray hairs coming 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!

A breather

You may have wondered why my posts have slacked off lately. I guess it has been extra busy, and sometimes I just don’t have a post in my head 🙂 I do find Instagram to be a quicker way to document our lives, so you can also follow me at this link if you like 🙂

This week has been good in so many ways, but it’s been a week where I’ve felt stressed out and disappointed in myself and my children. So many times I’ve asked God to please give me patience and wisdom, because I needed high doses of it! Not sure if it was the weather or what to blame it on, but the kiddos behavior this week was not good. Along with that, hubby had been working long days, and some long nights, and I felt the load of being a parent, and farmers wife even more. It made me realize just how hard it would be to parent without the help of a spouse.

I knew I felt snappy too. That’s how I unfortunately get when stressed 😦 And as they say, when Mom isn’t happy… 🙂

There is some decisions to make regarding our little guy, and his learning disabilities, and I feel pulled in different directions. You want what is best for your child, and sometimes that just looks hard. There is so many opinions, sometimes it gets confusing. If you think of it, maybe you could breathe a prayer for us 🙂 This week his behavior has been extra trying, and it’s probably due somewhat to the busyness here, but I made so many mistakes, and lost my cool way too often. My birthday came and went, and I always thought that folks at my age had everything figured out, and were mature, and full of wisdom. I am finding out different 🙂

My heart aches for the losses I’ve heard about lately as well. A young mother, and her son, gone so quickly. The earthquake in India. So many hurting, it can seem foolish to worry about the little things. But we do.

I’m praying that I can keep my focus on Christ, where it should be. And I will do the same for you! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!april 2015 005 april 2015 007


I am on a silhouette kick lately 🙂 And my phone takes some sweet silhouette shots. Pardon me while I fill up this post 😉20150411_193058 My world right here.20150413_193107Gorgeous sunset on the pond. God is good! 20150417_190630Devan loves to mow. And I love his profile ❤ 20150417_191513_edited-120150417_191524_edited-120150417_191556_edited-1 The 2 little energizer bunnies. 20150417_191826 20150417_191910 Zoey and Kirsten.20150417_192224 Sometimes you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time, being yourself. – Unknown        

Whoever said that quote is just dead on. As a mom, I need my space now and then 🙂april 2015 027_edited-1A fun one 🙂md and misc april 2015 013_edited-1 I took these last 2 with my camera. This one of Tristan in the tree, I told him to GET DOWN RIGHT NOW, but I made sure I snapped away as he came down 😉 Does that make me a bad mother? 🙂

That’s all for now. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

And now I’m going to enjoy a homemade donut, because that is what you do at 9:45 at night, when the house is quiet 🙂 #notgoingtocountcalories

Picture overload

I think it’s been awhile since I posted pictures of normal, everyday life here… jenna and kinsley 015 jenna and kinsley 016 phone feb and march 2015 068jenna and kinsley 019Sunday night soft pretzel making. Sorry about the yellow pictures! I tried changing my white balance, but it doesn’t seem to help much, and I need my lights on when it’s dark outside 🙂 Any tips from those of you that know more than I? Please share! 🙂megan and misc 002_edited-1I know it’s spring, but this winter photo is so pretty! What a great God we serve!megan and misc 005That is a “I’m eating a donut, and my life is good” face 😉 The one behind, I do not understand that look 🙂megan and misc 007_edited-1I know, I know, another winter image. But it was a beautiful sunrise. 002Two stinkers found my phone 🙂jenna out and about 004Play doh fun.jenna out and about 006_edited-1phone feb and march 2015 324Chalk fun.. jenna out and about 009_edited-1 jenna out and about 020 jenna out and about 028_edited-1 jenna out and about 031 jenna out and about 033_edited-1Exploring…phone feb and march 2015 002Peering out the office window. phone feb and march 2015 031Lunch at Wendy’s. Grandma treated 🙂phone feb and march 2015 026 phone feb and march 2015 029Jenna and I enjoying my great niece.phone feb and march 2015 049Playing around with my chalkboard wall. – Valentines week.phone feb and march 2015 057Delicious meal at the sweetheart supper!phone feb and march 2015 113A quick meal, English muffin pizzas. My favorite, ranch dressing and bacon bits.jenna out and about 012_edited-1Pretty birds. jenna out and about 023_edited-1The more often we see the things around us – even the beautiful and wonderful things – the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees,  the birds, the clouds – even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less. Joseph B. Wirthlin

I hope that each of you don’t take for granted the things and people you’ve been blessed with. I find I do way too often. I hope you find the beauty in each day, for it is there. Some days we just may have to look for it harder than other days 🙂

Have a super weekend!

January Days

A few things from back in January. Yes, we are in February already, headed toward spring 🙂Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 003 Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 004Tristan’s birthdayTristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 026 Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 027We had a very low key celebration. That was just fine with me 🙂Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 006Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 009Trying to knock down his animals with his nerf gun. I may have tried to do it as well 🙂 I also may have missed 🙂Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 012They spend more time looking at picture books over the winter.Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 030 Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 032Out getting some exercise.Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 033Nosy calves.Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 038Kirsten and I taught 1st kindergarten on Thursday evenings at winter bible school. I was glad to have her help getting the books and memory verses ready. Not my thing 🙂me n jennaReading to my babyTristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 034Boys! Need I say more?? 😉Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 050_edited-1Watching her brothersTristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 052_edited-1Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 054_edited-1 Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 061_edited-1 Tristan's bday and winter Jan. 2015 063_edited-1Time in the snow

I plan to do another Haiti post, but I wanted to get through my January pictures. I hope you are having a good week!

Simple Things

I’ve been thinking lately of being happy and content with the simple things. For myself, sometimes I feel pretty content, and then the next time I’m thinking “boy, it would be nice to have that, look like her,have money like them,be as good a mom as she is,be creative like her,ect. ect. So being content is something I need to work at. I think we all do. And really, we are so blessed. I think sometimes if we’d have less, we would be more content. Why is it, that when we have so much already, we desire more? Perhaps our sinful nature.

I decided to post some simple things that I love and treasure. And in the spirit of simplicity, I chose not to edit any of these photos. I tossed that idea back and forth, just because I can be a bit obsessive compulsive. I think everything needs tweaking 🙂 But, I stuck to the plan. So here’s to the simple things in life…20150109_160300Healthy newborn farm babies. If only they stayed so cute 🙂20150114_143809My sweet little girl. She woke up too soon from her afternoon nap crying for mommy. Needed a cuddle, and back to sleep she went, with a tear still on her cheek. ❤misc. Jan 2015 007misc. Jan 2015 008 misc. Jan 2015 010 20150110_09080820150110_090803misc. Jan 2015 012Healthy children and a pond for them to skate on. This was a very chilly morning, and I was incredibly happy to head back to the house.20150110_091330Watching her enjoy her shadow 🙂20150109_182600A son that asks to wash dishes. Even though this doesn’t happen often 🙂20150113_181820Soup, salad, homemade bread. Yes indeedy!2015-01-09 21.18.45The privilege of living on a farm. This guy would be lost without his precious cows :)*misc. Jan 2015 003 misc. Jan 2015 004 misc. Jan 2015 006Saturday morning pancakes. With chocolate chips, of course 🙂20150110_221421Time to scrapbookmisc. Jan 2015 018 misc. Jan 2015 019A cute little girlie playing on mom and dad’s bedmisc. Jan 2015 022 misc. Jan 2015 023 misc. Jan 2015 025Homemade bread. The smell of it baking, the melt in your mouth taste. There is a reason I don’t bake bread very often 😉20150112_124539Cuddles from little peoplemisc. Jan 2015 026Icecream and hot fudge sauce for an afternoon snack. Need I say more? 🙂

Those are just a few things. I could think of so many more! What simple things do you appreciate? Let’s take the time to enjoy them!

* I realized after I was double checking this post that the picture of Tristan and the cows had a filter added to it. (I had taken it with my phone, and was playing around with it). So technically that one was edited 🙂

And I’m trying not to notice all the things that should be cropped, brightened, etc. on the other photos 🙂 Simplicity, I tell myself 🙂

Mishmash Monday


Just some pictures of life on Locust St.jenna, fall 002_edited-1Tristan and Jenna like to go for a ride with Daddy.jenna, fall 036_edited-1 Cousins and playmates. The sawdust pile is much fun.

jenna, fall 037 jenna, fall 038_edited-1 jenna, fall 039_edited-1jenna, fall 040_edited-1Givin’ Zoey some love 🙂jenna, fall 023_edited-1 jenna, fall 024 jenna, fall 028_edited-1There was much excitement over Uncle Randy’s deer shot here on the farm 🙂jenna, fall 030Helping to give the calves their evening meal.jenna, fall 031_edited-1Some things they do for fun 😉mostly shane 002What is that, you ask. That is Jenna’s lollipop. She wanted to jump on the trampoline, and had a lollipop, so I told her to lay it down while she jumps. She promptly stuck it in the side, right next to the springs. What can I say, the girl is just clever 😉mostly shane 004Another ride with Dad.mostly shane 005_edited-1Tristan is such a good helper with farm chores!

That’s all for today. We are quite liking the warmer temperatures that came to us. And Thanksgiving vacation coming up for the school children. Yay for that! Happy Monday!

Farm life

house,farm, misc 011_edited-1 house,farm, misc 015_edited-1 house,farm, misc 016This mother calved early with twins. Tristan helped me bring the 1st calf in from the meadow. The 2nd one was born later and was brought in in the morning.house,farm, misc 086_edited-1 house,farm, misc 087Taking calves to the calf barn. This one thought a run was a good idea 🙂003_edited-1This is her thinking face 🙂006_edited-1 007We had to go see the coyote pop-pop shot on the farm.009_edited-1010_edited-1My little miss tomboy 😉blacknwhitemostly kirsten 011_edited-1Thus ends the mishmash of photos 🙂 Just random shots taken around the farm that I decided to share.

Enjoy the fall weather while we have it 🙂