It’s here

It’s been in my thoughts the last week. I don’t want to admit it, but I must 🙂 It seems that fall has arrived,  folks. I am not ready to say goodbye to summer,  but yesterday I really felt that fall chill. I even gave in and bought a few pumpkins this week 🙂 Seasons come and go, & so I will be thankful, even though it may take me a bit of time 🙂

One of our fall jobs… digging potatoes at Dad and Mom.20140909_11275420140909_10381920140909_103828Tristan did really well with helping! Could it been the promise of some money? 🙂20140909_103850Crates and more crates…20140909_132732 20140909_130241This year the weather was perfect for digging! Dryer soil and lower temps. Makes the job easier 🙂20140909_130020I hope you have a great day! Maybe get out and enjoy the fall weather. You might want a sweater 🙂