I have a teenager.

We have a teenager. It feels weird saying that, like it was thrown in my face, and how exactly did this happen??!

Kirsten is 13 today. Our beautiful girl. Still so much a child, but taking steps into womanhood.IMG_4730_edited-1 IMG_4758_edited-1We are knee deep in eye rolls, shoulder shrugs, attitudes, and emotions all over the place 🙂 And we are blessed! She brings a lot of joy to this family. It’s so nice to have an extra set of hands to help me with household chores, and she is a great babysitter. Mostly. Not saying we never have willingness issues 🙂 Sometimes she brings out the worst of me. Pushes every last button I’ve got. But she also calls me out on mistakes I make, and encourages me when I’m down. She can write the best notes, and she can bake a mean brownie 🙂IMG_4764_edited-1 IMG_4767_edited-1It doesn’t seem possible that the years have gone by so fast, but they have. So grateful for the gift God gave us on a Sunday morning, 13 yrs. ago.IMG_4768_edited-1 IMG_4772_edited-1A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give. -Laurel Atherton