Children are curious. Some more so than others. Sometimes you get tired of the questions. But it’s how they learn. I’ve got a few curious children πŸ™‚ house,farm, misc 055_edited-1Jenna was fascinated with these earthworms. She is my little tomboy πŸ™‚house,farm, misc 057_edited-1 house,farm, misc 058I declare she’d pick up a snake if she’d see one. Bugs, bees,toads, she’s not afraid of much πŸ™‚ Except mean big brothers that say “Bear!” and shout “GRRR!” Poor child. Hope their is no lasting trauma πŸ™‚house,farm, misc 059_edited-1 Tristan found this dead pigeon. Had to carry it around for awhile. He’s curious too. Mostly about cows πŸ™‚house,farm, misc 091 house,farm, misc 093_edited-1I get curious when all the children are outside and I don’t hear anything. So I go spy with camera in hand. And sometimes, I repeat SOMETIMES, I am pleasantly surprised at how nice they are playing together πŸ™‚house,farm, misc 094_edited-1 house,farm, misc 095 house,farm, misc 096_edited-1 house,farm, misc 097 house,farm, misc 099_edited-1 house,farm, misc 100_edited-1 house,farm, misc 101 house,farm, misc 102Tristan was tickled to find this little guy!

And if you are curious about why there is all sorts of things spread around on the ground, and what are these children doing?? :), I’m not sure myself πŸ™‚ But they call this area their playhouse. And it’s behind the barn. So we let them be creative. And try to ignore the mess πŸ˜‰