Cooling off


What’s better than playing in water on a hot day? 🙂july 2014 007_edited-1 july 2014 008_edited-1 july 2014 015_edited-1 july 2014 016_edited-1This faucet is quite an attraction for some little people around here!july 2014 023_edited-1 july 2014 032_edited-1 july 2014 026_edited-1I’ve been so thankful for the creek this summer! Much time has been spent there! Lately though, it’s been deserted by some scared children 🙂 Dale found this guy one night when he was weed whacking by the creek.mosl 032Can’t say that I blame them for being scared to walk in the creek!mosl 031A friend and relief milker of ours happened to be here, and picked the guy up. He was not happy 🙂 I know this is a smaller snapping turtle, but they just bother me a little 🙂mason 2014 001 mason 2014 004We have some very creative children 🙂 Not sure which side of the family that comes from 🙂 mason 2014 006 mason 2014 010 mason 2014 021These were taken before we found Mr. Snapper, on a day that it rained a bunch in a short period of time. The creek overflowed it’s banks, much to the delight of the children 🙂

Enjoy your weekend! ~ Jolene