Farm life

house,farm, misc 011_edited-1 house,farm, misc 015_edited-1 house,farm, misc 016This mother calved early with twins. Tristan helped me bring the 1st calf in from the meadow. The 2nd one was born later and was brought in in the,farm, misc 086_edited-1 house,farm, misc 087Taking calves to the calf barn. This one thought a run was a good idea 🙂003_edited-1This is her thinking face 🙂006_edited-1 007We had to go see the coyote pop-pop shot on the farm.009_edited-1010_edited-1My little miss tomboy 😉blacknwhitemostly kirsten 011_edited-1Thus ends the mishmash of photos 🙂 Just random shots taken around the farm that I decided to share.

Enjoy the fall weather while we have it 🙂

Cows and a boy

I watch him with the cows, and I wonder sometimes if they speak a special language 🙂 One thing I know for sure, he knows the cows. Knows if they are moved to a different stall, knows who had what calf. Just knows 🙂 Now if we could get him to like learning his alphabet, numbers, etc. like he loves those cows 🙂house,farm, misc 043_edited-1 house,farm, misc 044_edited-1 house,farm, misc 045_edited-1house,farm, misc 042_edited-1 house,farm, misc 041_edited-1I think this one is my favorite. Just him, sitting there, observing. Future farmer? 🙂 We hope!

Here’s hoping you have a relaxing, enjoyable weekend!!

Farm Boy

Our youngest son. He is all about the cows 🙂 First thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is get dressed and heads out to the barn to see if there is any new baby calves or any cows that were moved to another stall.

I love that about him! He is definitely one of our more challenging children 🙂 Pretty sure the grey hairs will be here soon 🙂

This is so him…misc, maryland trip 006 misc, maryland trip 007 misc, maryland trip 008_edited-1 misc, maryland trip 010_edited-1 misc, maryland trip 013_edited-1He is a ball of energy. Hopefully we can channel that in the right direction 🙂misc, maryland trip 016You probably noticed his eye. He had an unfortunate meeting with a bat. 14 stitches. I think he was a bit happy with the extra attention he received. And maybe a tad proud of his scar 🙂misc, maryland trip 003_edited-1 misc, maryland trip 004_edited-1It looks much better now 🙂 I can’t believe he managed to stay out of the ER this long 🙂 Thank God for doctors! mosl 023_edited-1Checking on the bulls we had loaded for the auction.mosl 022_edited-1 mosl 021_edited-1Love my little man!Under all that rough and tumble, he has a sensitive side too. Sometimes I wish that would show through a little more 🙂mosl 063And I’ll end with his goofy face 🙂