One word. But oh the power of it. Today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, Today! Are you embracing the moment of today? I confess, I can do a lot of thinking and worrying about tomorrow. Or about what I did or said yesterday. But I’m trying to be more present. Soaking in the goodness that Today offers. Trying not to let the hard things ruin my Today.misc. and at the pae 021 misc. and at the pae 023 misc. and at the pae 026I hope my children remember the little things. Like a short trip to the park with cousins. Nothing fabulous, but time together. A small spot of fun on that particular day.misc. and at the pae 033 misc. and at the pae 035 misc. and at the pae 036 That one child can make my Todays very stressful 🙂 Yes, the one that can’t be happy to just go down the slide properly 🙂 Love him!misc. and at the pae 037 misc. and at the pae 038 misc. and at the pae 039Make the most of your next Today!

Thanks for visiting my little space! So grateful for my readers! 🙂

Goodbye isn’t easy

Goodbye. We may say that word several times in a day. Seeya later, we say without even thinking about it. Some of us have experienced the death of a friend, a relative, etc… No more goodbyes to say.

This week I said goodbye to my younger sister and her family as they left for Haiti for 2 yrs. I didn’t like doing that. It’s not easy saying goodbye when you know it’s going to be awhile till you see them. That my nieces and nephews will grow older, and my children won’t get to see their cousins very much. But life brings change, and God is there through it all!

I’ve heard it said that instead of thinking that it’s the end of something, think of it as the beginning of something else.

So while we may miss them, we can still keep in touch, and maybe these dairy farmers will have to pay them a visit 🙂 That would be quite different for us! Neither hubby or I have ever flown in a plane before. There is a first time for everything, as they say 🙂

This post is from a couple weeks back when my 2 nieces came for a sleepover before they left. I know they will enjoy seeing the pictures way down there 🙂

This is for you, Aubrey, Emily, Cody, and Owen! Love you !! june, july 2014 and tiffany 055Helping shell peas for supper.june, july 2014 and tiffany 052That is a full pool. I even rhymed, haha 🙂emily Emily reading to Tristan. These 2 get along so well.june, july 2014 and tiffany 057_edited-1Pancakes for some sleepy girls

We went to the park with some friends before they went home..june, july 2014 and tiffany 059_edited-1Jessica and Aubrey. That cow can hold 2 silly girls 🙂june, july 2014 and tiffany 060 june, july 2014 and tiffany 061It was so hot that day, the pavilion provided some nice shade!june, july 2014 and tiffany 062_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 058This little miss had the misfortune of stepping on a nail with her bare feet 😦 After some quick planning, I took her to our family doctor, and they pulled it out. She was very brave. And she earned a lollipop, which suited her! 😉 And my sweet friends watched the other children while I was gone. So nice of them!20140701_104619The culprit. Thank goodness it was small, but it almost went completely through her foot.

Enjoy your weekend! ~ Jolene


My sis asked me to take Cody’s pictures, and I was very happy to do that 🙂 He did very well, but after being patient for quite a while, he proclaimed,” I am done!” 🙂cody and misc 043_edited-1 cody and misc 049_edited-1 cody and misc 054_edited-1 cody and misc 071_edited-1Since Cody will soon be moving to Haiti with his family, I left him stay for a sleepover after his pictures were taken. The boys had so much fun together!!

Before I took him home the next day, we grabbed icecream at McD’s and took it to the park.misc. may & june 002_edited-1 misc. may & june 004_edited-1They had fun running around there for a bit before it was time to head home.2 3 misc. may & june 005_edited-1 misc. may & june 006 misc. may & june 013_edited-11misc. may & june 011_edited-1I love this one of my girlies! misc. may & june 017_edited-1I enjoyed the time he spent with us and we will miss them all alot!