The Farmer

If you aren’t aware, the dairy industry is struggling right now. Has been for some time. And its not getting better 😦  Milk prices are low, have been for awhile, and costs have not gone down. Makes me sad to hear that we have farmer friends who can’t pay bills. Who look at the bills, and have to decide which one to pay first. It’s not easy here either. We are blessed to be on a family farm, and thankful for supportive parents. Not something everyone has.

There are far to many rumors that go around about farming, and the public buys into it. Too many people drinking soda, and sugary drinks, and non dairy milk.

Too many people who think farmers don’t care, and are just in it for the money. To us, farming is about family. About teaching our children the value of hard work, and responsibility.

By the way, in case you are new here, I have taken a trip down memory lane for some of these photos 🙂 I love looking back!

This photo reminds me of the promise of God. That someone else is in control. And He is faithful! Through good times and bad. Through profit and loss.

And we realize that our children have so many blessings, growing up on a farm. It might not always seem that way 🙂 We don’t get to vacation like others. My children don’t always enjoy chores 🙂 And I know they work harder than some children have too. I’m proud of them for it. 

They also get to experience things that so many other children don’t. Like land to explore, and room to roam 🙂

So we keep doing what we do, keep praying, and hope the future changes for our children. For the next generation of farmers.This photo was taken in 2014, because we hosted a county field night. Look at them, so little 🙂

Press on, friends! And thanks for stopping by!

Harvest Wife


I am changing my title, because I was made aware that my title may be hurtful for those truly in the trenches of being a widow. I truly apologize for that!

It’s Saturday night, 9:34 pm. I sit here typing, the children are watching “The Skit Guys”, but are headed to bed soon! One of them was up before 4 am, another up before 5:30 am, and the other was on baby brother duty since 4 am. Which means interrupted sleep 😉  The tractor and manure spreader keep buzzing by the house, and will stop sometime before midnight, or when the farmer gets too tired 🙂

I’ve milked twice today, did laundry, cleaned the living room, settled fights, took a power nap while getting baby and his bigger sis down for a nap, washed my kitchen floor, baked cookies, lost my temper, listened to motivational speakers, folded laundry. Don’t you love all those details I just listed? 🙂 Really, what is the deal? We all did stuff today, but didn’t have to tell everyone. Right???  But I felt like it, and it’s my blog, so there you go! Chuckle, chuckle 🙂

Ok sorry friends! I may have been feeling a tad snarky. I was baking cookies after 8pm on a Saturday night, and wondering what all the fun, exciting people were doing 🙂

Honestly, I don’t mind being home on a Saturday night! But right now, I refer to myself as the “Harvest widow” (will be more careful with my words, and from now on, say “Harvest wife”), and I am so ready to have a day of rest tomorrow!!

Harvest is in full swing, and with the hubby being gone with the custom crew every day, sometimes half the night, my hands are full 🙂

I decided to share a few photos of harvest 2017!!This was a day I ran lunch to my man, and took a quick ride with him 🙂 This church was right beside a field the crew was in, one night when I ran supper to him . I loved how peaceful it looked!Stopping for a quick bite!The little stinker 🙂I am always glad when this time of year is over! So much equipment, and tired men, often in a hurry.

I pray for safety for all!! This year the crop is bountiful, and we are thankful for that!! I hope you all have a good ending to your weekend!! 🙂

Field night

A few weeks ago, we hosted Lebanon County Holstein Field Night at our farm. We felt honored that we were asked, but I have to admit, I didn’t think I was up for it.You see, I get a little obsessive compulsive when I’m having company, whether it be friends or family. I know that’s sad, but it’s true. I’m working on that 😉 Anyway, hubby dear said it’s only fair that we take our turn since we enjoy going to other farms each year. But there is a lot of nicer farms than ours, and it’s a LOT of work, and, and, I realized my excuses were a bit lame 🙂

So we tackled it, like many others did, and it all went well! We felt so blessed with the awesome weather God gave us that night, and throughout the week. I am very glad it’s behind us though 🙂 There’s just something about knowing 800-1000 people will most likely show up, that you start worrying about all those nooks and crannies that need cleaned up, touched up, painted, etc. Dale and Randy did lots of painting, and I think it will be a long time till either of them picks up a paint brush!

Their was much preparation involved, but we had great help! Committee members, friends, family. All so kind!au 010Getting the cows nice and clean. They were washed with Tide 🙂 It didn’t even smell like a barn after that! au 015Fuel for the workers :) 009Setting up the seating 018The door 016au 020 The children acted like it was Christmas when the big slide arrived 🙂au 021Their was loads of children here, so it was nice to have things for them to do!au 025 au 027 au 028The caterers did a wonderful job! I couldn’t eat much though 😉au 022 Sweet Jake ( he wasn’t liking my camera 🙂 )au 023They counted trays to give an idea of how many people were served. They used 975 trays.

And there was soft ice cream. YUM!! We had the one machine here the day before. Between us and the folks helping, we ate quite a bit 🙂

Rodney went up the silo and took some photos. I liked the bird’s eye view. All these were taken with a cell phone. There’s no way you would get me up that high 🙂20140815_20043820140815_20070620140815_200618Flowers by the shop. Love my old milk can!!au 047au 029 au 033I should have taken more pictures. This barn won’t stay this clean 🙂

The worst part of the night I was worrying about was having to stand up front. That actually wasn’t too bad because it was pretty dark outside . Lessened the 030 au 031 au 032These 2 took care of the night milking. So thankful for that! Any farmer knows that it’s so nice to have competent relief milkers, and these guys do great. That’s probably because they were trained well. Both of them worked on the farm for us when they were younger 😉 Thanks Brent and Rodney!!kidsOur sweet children. Love them!! I took this for a farming magazine that wanted a photo.

I think we were all pretty exhausted till it was over. My pillow sure was soft when I hit it 😉

Fun Stuff

misc. karen, cabin 008We enjoyed the Lebanon Fair… misc. karen, cabin 010 misc. karen, cabin 011 misc. karen, cabin 012Especially the good food 🙂misc. karen, cabin 009mosl 077_edited-1Everyone loves the milkshakes there! We get loaded with free coupons since we’re dairy farmers. Nice! I’ve also helped at the milkshake stand the last 2 yrs. and I do enjoy it.mosl 075_edited-1 mosl 078_edited-1 mosl 079_edited-1I love the display set up at the milkshake stand. Someone made little cowpies with cement, I guess, and they are very real looking, corn included 🙂 And I’m a sucker for old milk cans 🙂

We of course had to walk through the pig building, and the bunny shed, and the cow barns, because we don’t see enough of them 🙂

We even have a fair souvenir. This fish the boys won. I have to admit, I like watching him swim around.misc. karen, cabin 047While I’m typing, I hear little dripping sounds when he comes to the surface. It’s quite peaceful after a busy day 🙂

Be Blessed!!