A peek into our life

  1. Sundays just might be one of my favorite days of the week 🙂 It gives me time to unwind from the week, be encouraged, and take a nap 🙂 Today though, was a day at home for me. Baby kept me awake so much last night, as he has a cough that just would not allow him to relax. Poor thing was so exhausted 😦

Now it’s Monday! I love Mondays, and the opportunity of a new week to tackle goals, and check things off that “To Do” list 🙂

Thought I would share some of what is happening around here lately, along with some photos of course  …

These 2 photos of my 2 youngest sleeping are some of my favorites! There is just something about that innocence. I always want to take their pictures when they sleep 🙂 Anyone else? Look at this one from awhile back!Be still my heart ❤

We are currently doing some small improvements to our rental house. This was the day they brought the puppy over 🙂 Double trouble! I was painting yesterday, and this was my “helper” 😉 He is the biggest climber out of all our children! I may get gray hair soon 🙂

Actually, when I came back from painting, my daughter said, “Mom! Do you have a gray hair?!” She said it like it was some sort of sin. My heart stopped for a second, because I am not ready for that 🙂 And then I remembered I brushed against wet paint. False alarm 🙂

I love this picture of my hubby and Darian at breakfast! He loves to crawl on his Daddy’s lap, and snitch food 🙂 And the cutest thing.. He calls him Papa. I have no idea why, because our others all call him Dad or Daddy 🙂 I never get tired of hearing him say that. And momma. So sweet!! ❤We had a snow day this week, no school. I caught Darian’s look of awe at the snow and watching the dogs play in it. This is another favorite of mine!

I didn’t decide yet, but I have been toying with the idea of closing this blog down. I love sharing photos, and writing, but I also have Facebook and Instagram, and have much more interaction on there, which I enjoy! As a mom who doesn’t always get out much, social media has allowed me to connect with so many people, and it has really been fun!!

I also have been growing my health business, and that, along with being a mom, and helping on the farm, keeps me quite busy. So it’s something I need to pray about 🙂

One last thing… I would love to talk with you if you struggle with health issues! I have had so many people reach out in this new year! People who sometimes look the picture of health, but are struggling. So if you have questions, let’s chat 🙂 I love sharing with others!!

And I will send a sample of this yummy, body balancing drink to the 1st three people who comment, or contact me!! This is only for someone who is new to this product, or is not working with someone else.Just a few things I hear from those who have reached out to me, and seen changes… Better digestion, less gut discomfort, no more migraines, less discomfort, better sleep,H weight loss, energy 🙂 Such fun getting messages like that!!!

Thanks for stopping by, and have an amazing week!! ❤ Jo