Darian is one!!

I am a few weeks late 🙂 But our little chubb is one already!!!

How did that happen??? 🙂 Seems like just yesterday, we welcomed him into our home. He has brought so much joy into our lives!!

Look at the difference a year makes!!! He looks so different  🙂The children say he needs a haircut, but this mommy finds it hard to give the 1st one 🙂

Some more from our session… Look at those blue eyes ❤ He is really starting to walk around, and he is super busy!! I am thankful to have the older children’s helping hands around for the summer!

That pout 🙂Sometimes I call him my Plexus baby 🙂 With my others, I did not know about gut health, and how it can affect so much! I had no idea how probiotics are so important!!My others had so much cradle cap, thrush, and skin issues, and I was so happy he did not deal with that!! I was also thankful I did not feel worn out after his birth, and like I needed naps 🙂 I am so overwhelmingly grateful for him, and love being his momma!!! He makes me smile 🙂

Happy 4th of July week to all of you!!

5 thoughts on “Darian is one!!

  1. Oh, my word! That face!! What a little dollbaby! I don’t know how you can ever stop holding him! LOL! He is just precious. Thank you for sharing these adorable pictures!!!!

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