School is out, and I am ready to do another giveaway!! 🙂

First things first!  I am having a little get together at my place this Tuesday, the 23d! If you are local  to Myerstown, and want to come, please contact me! Contact info is under the ABOUT tab, or you can message me on Facebook! I will have a few snacks and some giveaways, and will be sharing a bit about Plexus products, and how they have made a difference for us, and others. This is not a party where you feel like you have to purchase 🙂 I do not carry inventory, so you can leave your wallets at home, and come listen in! It will be very relaxed 🙂 Our new and improved pink drink will be available to taste, and I am more than excited about it! Added prebiotics have made this wonderful drink even better!!

Also, check out the latest blog post here, ,for some really neat ways Plexus has helped them!!


Ok!! Here is the gift you can win!!

A dish towel, my favorite chocolate, a notepad, and a 3 day trial of 2 of my favorite natural products 🙂 The trial pack includes the new Plexus Slim, which is a blood sugar balancing drink ( think all day sustained energy), and Edge is our natural energy product. I use the pink drink daily, and Edge for days when I am extra busy, or did not have much sleep. My hubby loves Edge as well, for when he is running around the clock. 🙂


Comment below with something you love about summer, and you will be entered to win!

Because this has my fave natural products included, please do not enter the giveaway if you are working with another ambassador 🙂

Giveaway ends Wednesday at midnight!

17 thoughts on “Giveaway!!

  1. Hi! I am not sure if I am allowed to enter since I am already ordering and signed up? Just in case, my favorite thing about summer is the time we get to spend with dear Zach and fun things we do. It is always fun to plan out nature walks and little day trips, etc., that we can do during the time we would normally be doing homeschool. Thank you for being so generous and kind and offering the giveaway!! Sending love and hugs to you today, sweet friend. 🙂

  2. Sharon H says:

    Hot dog roasts in our backyard and homemade ice cream, and hopefully a less hectic schedule now that school is out!!

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