Last post of the year! :)

I missed posting this at Christmas, so here is our family,lovely self timer shot and all 🙂 Really, it involved a lot of exercise for the mom, as I ran back and forth so many times, the children were done, and finally said “Ok, that’s a wrap!”, and we get what we get 🙂 So maybe next year I should hire someone 🙂img_6651_edited-1As I shared before, this year was tough, and yet full of blessings, and we grow more when we have to struggle, do we not? I am looking to the new year, new goals, and I’m excited for what God has in store!! One of my goals is to do something nice for somebody every day. Whether it involves something big or little. I can tell you that God has been working on me, to nudge me to do more, because I have so much. To be honest, some days I feel like I don’t have much. But that is the devil’s tactics. And how can I learn contentment if I always look at those that seem to have it better?  I’m a work in progress, and still fail miserably some days! 🙂

Our oldest is 14! She enjoys school, her friends, holding her baby brother, and time with her horse. Cleaning and barn chores are not her favorite thing, but she is a big help to me!!

Our oldest son is 11, and he has been such a great helper lately! He loves to get up at 3:30 a.m. to help his dad milk, and we have to limit that to 3 or 4 times a week, because he does need sleep to handle school and it’s challenges! I also love how he has been making his bed very neatly each morning without me telling him to 🙂 Of course he is a normal child, thinking he knows pretty much, and fighting his siblings, but we definitely are seeing some positive changes 🙂

Next in line is our “farm boy”. He is 8, 9 next month, and still loves his cows, playing farm, and getting dirty 🙂 He is a strong willed child, and hard to handle sometimes, yet he has a soft heart. We have seen huge improvements in him with school, and he almost made honor roll! We are so grateful for the supplements that we are certain are helping him, and I love listening to him read, and hearing him talk about school!

Next in line is our spitfire 🙂 She turned 5 in Nov., and is full of energy and creativity. She was “the baby” for so long, that she is still a bit jealous of her baby brother, but she sure does love him! Her will is strong, and she is so independent that it drives her momma crazy sometimes, but who likes boredom anyways?? 🙂

And then our newest blessing. He is 6 mo. already! The children still fight over him multiple times a day 🙂 He is chubby, and full of smiles, and recently started rolling. He has a cheering crew for everything he does 🙂

We are blessed! My prayer for you all is that 2017 is a year of new growth, stronger relationships, and full of blessings from our heavenly Father!!

Thanks to all my followers who check in on my little space here! I appreciate it!

Bring on 2017!! 🙂


Whew!  I was getting scared that I made the guess too difficult 😊


There were 6 of you that guessed it here, and 1 on Facebook 🙂 The answer was 9!!

After putting the names in a dish, scrambling them, and praying that it blesses whoever gets it :), I chose Glenda Weaver, the only correct guess on Facebook.

Thanks everyone for entering! I will most likely do these small giveaways every few months, because it’s so fun 🙂

If you have any questions about Plexus, feel free to use the contact info on my about page!

Have a wonderful Christmas! ~Jo

Christmas gift

In the spirit of giving, I’m doing a small giveaway 🙂

To enter the giveaway,  you need to guess the amount of Slim sticks in the cup. Looks can be deceiving 😊2016-12-19-15-47-06Plexus Slim is my favorite “pink drink”, and one of the natural products I use, as well as my family, and we really love it! And trust me, it’s not all about weight loss! 🙂

Some fun facts…

Slim was actually developed for diabetics, and works at balancing your blood sugar. If you think only diabetics need balanced blood sugar, I challenge you to look it up:)fb_img_1482174644582fb_img_1482174880213 Anyways, I can talk too much about this awesome drink, but back to the giveaway 🙂 Leave your guess in the comments,  and if you guess the correct number of sticks in the cup you will be entered into a drawing to win 5 sticks of slim and a $10 Starbucks card.2016-12-19-14-55-51*Must not be working with another Plexus ambassador.

*No Plexus ambassadors please

*One entry  per household

Giveaway will close at noon on Wed. Thanks, and guess carefully😉