Baby Days

We are soaking up the baby days here. Many fights over him, timers being used so everyone gets a turn ;), etc.IMG_5954 IMG_5964He spent time on the biliblanket, and for a week I took him to get his levels checked. Every time the nurses would see me walk in, they’d say “Not again!” 🙂 I felt the same way. Poor baby had marks all over his heels. But after staying on the blanket for 3 days, he came off that, and his levels slowly came down. IMG_5946 IMG_5952He looked like a little glowworm with it on. He did really well, even though it had to be uncomfortable. I was thankful he wasn’t too fussy, because that would have been wearying! And that thumb in the mouth! I can’t handle the cuteness! 🙂IMG_5936 IMG_5994Those sleepy smiles..IMG_5943Tired boys ❤IMG_6001Bath time. The children crowd around, till I ask for space 🙂 Or on occasion, lose my temper. Yes, I do that way too often 😦20160628_173041These are days that fly past in a blur of feedings, diaper changes, and the care of a family. Days that I want to hold tight to, and not forget. Those baby grunts, the way he pushes his little butt out :), the baby smell. All of it.20160714_154743Baby clothes and the way they smell. IMG_5958A friend that stopped in to meet baby.20160703_155624 20160713_142954When I look at his little toes and fingers, so perfectly formed, I can’t help but be amazed at the miracle of it all!20160717_073620I took this picture this morning with my phone, when we were both feeling sleepy. His cheeks are starting to fill out a bit 🙂 He is 4 weeks old today, and tomorrow was my due date. I’m so glad he’s here already 🙂 Babies are just the best!

May you be blessed with a good week!


8 thoughts on “Baby Days

  1. Valerie says:

    Happy Due Date Eve! ^_^ My second and third children had jaundice as well. ((hugs)) Lol, I love the glow worm comparison!!

  2. Melinda says:

    Aw he’s so adorable! But then, all of your babies were lil cuties ☺️I’m sure it’s hard to share him! Dustin is on my lap, saying, who’s baby. I told him its Jenna’s baby 😊 He says, what’s on him?? (The light)

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