The Goods

I still have a few families from last year that I wanted to share. Meet Dale’s sister and her family. We farm together, so we see each other pretty much. In fact, we lived beside each other in a double house for over 2 yrs. Our children were practically siblings. They played and fought well together 🙂 This fall they moved into a home up the road, but the meadow from the farm runs right behind their home, so that is where the pictures were taken. We didn’t get many with everyone looking, simply because my sweet children and the dog turned it into a bit of a circus 🙂

I took a few shots of the boys. They were dressed so cute!diana and randy 2015 009_edited-1 diana and randy 2015 011_edited-1 diana and randy 2015 013_edited-1diana and randy 2015 106_edited-1And a few of the lovely family…diana and randy 2015 058_edited-1IMG_4325_edited-1 IMG_4362_edited-1The family is God’s greatest masterpiece.- Unknown

Thanks for asking me to take your family photos, Randy and Diana! Next time we’ll try not to bring the wild crew along 😉

2 thoughts on “The Goods

  1. Such a sweet, Godly-looking family. 🙂 What a blessing! I am sure you have shared many precious memories together, and it is so wonderful that you all can be so close Family is one of God’s sweetest gifts. I hope this finds you feeling better!

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