The mommytude

I’m pretty sure the ole devil smiled at his grip on me the other day. I start every day the same way right now, but for some reason that particular morning when I drug my body off the recliner, the mess in my kitchen sent me over the edge. Now let me start off by saying my husband is great at helping out right now with the children, and I appreciate that. But I am convinced he sees no messes in the house, especially not dishes 🙂 Because my sink can be overflowing with dishes, and they just keep piling them up. The children don’t see them either I guess, because they don’t do any thing with them unless prompted. Maybe they think I wave my magic wand, and they all go away 🙂 Thankfully on that morning, the only words I said to my hubby were, “This kitchen looks like a pig sty!” Because I wanted to say more. So much more 🙂 Instead I stewed away inside myself while I cleaned out the dishwasher and loaded it, feeling so healthy and nauseous the whole time.

And thus the mommytude started, and never left me too long for the whole day. I knew I was grouchy. I sighed and moped in my spirit. Why can’t I feel better. Why can’t Jenna play nicer. Why doesn’t no one notice the messes? Why does this family have so much laundry. And on and on it went. I tried distracting myself with my phone. And it worked, somewhat. But God kept putting little eye openers in front of me. One of them being the song by the Mullets” The Wambulance”. I think God has a sense of humor 🙂 And this made me think.

But I still felt irritable. Tristan was home from school not feeling the best, but still good enough to fight his sister. So that made me happy. Not. And then big brother brought his homework home for him, with each paper nicely labeled with instructions. And he proceeded to remove all the sticky note instructions, and then had no idea what went with what paper. But of course, he had a mother. She would figure it out.

And because I didn’t feel well, we heated leftovers for supper. Which some didn’t like. And it didn’t taste good to me either. Nothing much did that day. I’d had 2 evenings  this week that I felt better. Why couldn’t it stay. Why?

And when bedtime came, I knew apologies were in order. And then we prayed together, and I prayed that I would be a good mom, and not get so discouraged. Because they needed to hear me say that. And my heart filled to the brim as I heard each of my children, pray that I would feel better, and that I could go to the Christmas dinner we had the next day.

I dislike myself when I have bad attitudes. And it all comes from focusing on all the wrong things. It’s a weakness I need to work at.

How about you? What are some things you do to help you stay focused on what really matters?

I hope you have a restful Lord’s Day, and a great week ahead of you!end of march, misc. 2015 014

4 thoughts on “The mommytude

    • Jolynn, you give me too much credit! I know my kids see my bad side too often, so I do think a sincere apology helps them see that I’m sorry, and human 🙂

  1. Kendra says:

    You know…we all have those days…those days when you just wish you could just crawl back in bed and watch HGTV all…day…long.mmmmm wouldn’t that be lovely,but definitely not reality😉.And so I have no answers for you but hang in there and I’ll say a prayer for you today.Love you dear friend

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