The Troyers

Since Christmas is over, I want to share a few sessions I did this fall. Meet the Troyers. Their outfits went together so well, and the sun was golden.IMG_4630_edited-1 IMG_4636_edited-1IMG_4669_edited-1 IMG_4670_edited-1And these 2 boys were just so cute! Loved their sweet grins!IMG_4654_edited-1 IMG_4657_edited-1 IMG_4658Well, one of them may have grinned more than the other πŸ™‚ But the little man was cute even when he wouldn’t smile πŸ™‚IMG_4639_edited-1 IMG_4640_edited-1 IMG_4642_edited-1Like I said, so adorable!IMG_4697_edited-1I enjoyed capturing your family, Wendell & Edith. Thank you!


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