Christmas thoughts

I am sitting alot these days, and it has really made me ponder this busy season. While I do not enjoy this part of pregnancy, I’ve realized there are some aspects that I’m appreciating this year. I am always stressed over Christmas time. There is cookies to bake, Christmas gatherings, Christmas programs, buying gifts, cards to mail, extra school activities, etc. I also feel pressured to be creative with decorating, & gift giving. I am missing some of those things. Others, not so much 🙂

This year, I just don’t care so much. And it’s ok. It’s made me realize that simplicity is perfectly fine. It is freeing. 

I do not judge anyone for their Christmas traditions, or the way they celebrate. For us, each year can be a bit different. For this year though, we told the children we are not spending a lot, and we would like to give money where it is really needed. I ordered gifts for 3 of them online on cyber Monday, and dear hubby went and got something for our farm boy 🙂 It was so easy. I dislike shopping, by the way 🙂

It bothers me that children, ours included, seem to feel entitled to gifts at Christmas. I know, it is special, and I know the meaning behind gifts. But they will not make a child happy. Maybe for a little, but then they want something else. You know, this is sadly how I am too sometimes. I’ve noticed that for a day or 2, the Christmas gifts get played with, and it’s nice, but all too soon they are found lying around, not as much fun as they were when they received them.

They will much sooner, treasure the memories of being together, time spent as a family.

However you may choose to celebrate this year, I hope you can find time for each other. And time for those that really need an extra dose of love. And if you can’t do extra things, relax. I promise, Christmas will still come. And it will be just fine 🙂

4 thoughts on “Christmas thoughts

  1. Our Christmas this year is going to be very low key! I’m thankful for kids who are understanding when there’s just not money for gifts and are happy to give to others where we can instead! Isn’t that how Christmas should be? 😉
    Looking forward to baking cookies for our neighbors, and my sister coming after Christmas!! Those are things that make us smile!! 🙂

    Hope you are soon over the hardest part of your pregnancy!! ❤

  2. We’ve had so much fun this year just baking cookies and driving around together to look at lights. It’s a simple Christmas here, too. As for shopping, I join in your dislike for it, and give thanks for online shopping. I’ve long said there is freedom in simplicity. Wishing your family all the best this Christmas as we rejoice in the birth of our Savior!

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