Mini vacation

Today, I’m spending too much time on the recliner due to my back, so I figured this is as good a time as any to blog 🙂

Dale and I were privileged to take a short trip to Eagles Mere, Pa. in the beginning of Nov. I had booked a bed and breakfast through Groupon last year, but when we were going to go, the weather was very bad, so they said they will honor it at another time. We hadn’t done anything for our anniversary in Aug., so we figured this will be in honor of that 🙂

We drove up on a beautiful, sunny morning. The weather was fantastic! You didn’t even need a sweater. We swung in at Burger King for lunch. I know, so fancy 🙂 But we didn’t care. We ate our food in the vehicle, no interruptions. Bliss 😉

We couldn’t check into our room before 3, so we took a short walk in the woods, and explored a bit around the area. The scenery was gorgeous!IMG_4874_edited-1 IMG_4877_edited-1 IMG_4880_edited-1 IMG_4884_edited-1IMG_4878IMG_4890We even took a selfie 😉20151103_135829And used the self timer on my camera. Something I rarely do.IMG_4901_edited-1A bit out of focus, but had fun with it 🙂

We stayed at the Crestmont Inn. Our room was quaint and cozy. We both thought it smelled like an old people’s home. No offence to anyone 😉 I think the reason was because we were there off season, and the room may have been empty for a bit. I noticed a few cobwebs and some dust, but I am particularly fussy 🙂 I always check the bed thoroughly, and that was nice and clean 🙂 As was the jacuzzi.IMG_4903_edited-1IMG_4907_edited-1IMG_4908

We did wish we hadn’t went in the off season,(it is a lakeside resort), because a lot of places were closed. We couldn’t find a place to eat supper. It was like no one existed for miles 🙂 Finally we spotted this little old general store, and I said let’s stop and see if they know any place to eat. Turns out it was a store, and she made food there. Score for us 🙂 The food was quite good, and I loved the utensils!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Breakfast was included in our stay. We enjoyed that at the Inn’s restaurant.IMG_4913_edited-1 20151104_091930Our view as we ate.IMG_4910_edited-1There was about 4 of them flitting around.

Along the path to the restaurant.IMG_4909We checked out of our room at 11, and headed for home. Hubby even stopped at Goodwill for me 🙂

Sometimes you just need to nurture your marriage, and little things like this sure are nice!

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Mini vacation

  1. Looks like you had a really nice time…and, yes, you are so right. It is SO important to nurture your marriage. There is way too little time for that, it seems, and the time has to be made for it. The scenery was so pretty…and that bird! How sweet! Thank you for sharing with us, and I hope your back feels better soon. That is no fun… 😦 I am hobbling around, as well, and we all know, the work doesn’t stop when Mama is down. Praying for you!

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