Our birthday girl

I hear a slight thud as her feet hit the floor. And then the shuffle of little feet that I know are headed my way. She slips into bed and snuggles up to my warmth. “Good morning Mommy!” Yes child, it is morning, but too early. “Go back to sleep” I say. She’s a mess, this child. Last to bed, 1st to rise. And she always seems to know when my alarm is going to go off, because she crawls in right when I want to get up. And if I do manage to get her back to sleep, she always seems to know that Mom’s not in bed anymore. Some mornings I cringe about her cheerful, early bird self, but some I just don’t care. Because I know far to soon for my liking, she won’t need those morning snuggles.

Today, she turns 4. IMG_4998 IMG_5000_edited-1 IMG_5002 IMG_5011_edited-1 This girl is such a bright spot around here! She is sassy, energetic, adventurous, bossy, kissable, curious, and too smart for her britches 🙂 I really see her going places someday. If, God willing, she uses her traits for something good.

The way she acted in the womb should have warned me 😉 And my labor with her was so unlike the others. The others were 5, 6, and 11 days late. With her, I went in for a checkup 2 wks. before my due date, and with all the contractions I had been having (normal for me), my midwife thought it best to check things out. And then I hear,” You’re 7cm! Your baby will be here today!” I think my jaw hit the floor 🙂

To make a long story short, she only came 3 days later, and that was with a little help. She was 11 days early. Feisty from the get go 🙂 IMG_5015_edited-1IMG_5017_edited-1She keeps us on our toes, quite literally. And we don’t get bored 🙂IMG_5051_edited-1 IMG_5037_edited-1 IMG_5012We are so grateful God gifted her to us! And we love her so very much!

12 thoughts on “Our birthday girl

  1. I so love these pics !!!!! What a cutie pie ! Please tell Jenna that we love her so much and wish we could give her a b-day hug ! Happy Birthday Jenna . I hope you have a wonderful b-day !

  2. Happy Birthday to your lively little girl! Sugar and spice, and well, sounds like a lot more spice. The pictures are outstanding! My son just turned 4 last week and is also the last in bed and the first out of bed. Someone have mercy on us!

  3. Happy, happy birthday, Jenna!! Oh, she is so adorable…you can just see the zest for life in her eyes and just imagine her bubbling personality! I LOVE her little outfit. So sweet. God bless your precious little girl!!

  4. ADORABLE photos and words….I love that you went in and were unexpected 7cms…and those words “your baby will be here today” are so precious. Congrats!

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