Did you wake up this morning,  thankful for your beating heart? Did you feel blessed to feel your spouse’s warmth beside you? Did you smile at your children as they tumbled out of bed with stinky breath, and tousled hair? Did you joyfully make them breakfast, and wipe up the aftermath?IMG_20151014_120536

I’ll tell you how I did with that. I woke up weary, feeling lousy from a cold that hasn’t left me for weeks, and what seems to be a different cold starting. My body rebelled at the early hour, and no, I didn’t feel thankful. And I did none of the above. Instead, this week I was feeling discouraged a bit. In the last month, I’ve lost count of all the things that needed to be repaired or replaced around here, but it seems like a stack of dominoes falling, one after the other, and I complained to my husband about it. He reminded me that “That’s life.” 🙂

I need to be reminded of that. And it hit me this morning,  when I heard of the young family in an automobile accident, the loss of a mother and child. Here is the news article on that. I can’t imagine the grief, and heartache they are facing.

Who am I to complain about anything,  when their are families mucking through deep grief. When children are being abused. When families are fleeing for their very lives. When the homeless spend a cold night outside.

I know I’ll forget again and again, how good I really do have it. How blessed I really am. And I imagine I’ll complain and worry, even before the day ends. But I think God uses different events, tragedies, a sermon, a song, or whatever it may be, to remind us that He is in control. To remind us to be thankful for all we have been given. Because it was all given to you and I. Without Him, we are nothing.20151016_181850

I hope that you have the blessing of enjoying a meal with your family. Of goodnight kisses, and a hug goodbye. Of laundry to fold, and floors to wash. Of grace, and love, and friendship. Of beautiful sunsets and a sunny day.20151015_173610 20150924_071904

  • Side note…

I’m back to finish this post. I had to sweep up mud that my dear child dumped on my freshly washed kitchen floor. God may have been testing me to see how I responded after I wrote all that about complaining 😉

Enjoy your weekend! Around here it looks like a cold one!

6 thoughts on “Life

  1. I struggle to accept that unexpected things will always happen and it is up to us to decide how to respond to them. It’s only human to not always respond with gratitude and joy. God bless that family who are grieving a tremendous loss. May they feel God’s comfort.

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