Bits of Summer ~ Part 2

Another picture post. Because I take so many photos 🙂devan and misc. july 2015 022 devan and misc. july 2015 023Taken through the gator window. I love her! 🙂corn day and misc. July 2015 015The joy from seeing a monarch. I always think of my nephew in heaven when these winged beauties flutter by.Aug. 2015 02620150719_193805There was much love to see 2 ducks come to our farm.misc. July 2015 010The sweetest fishermen. ❤20150723_193024Wild hair 🙂 20150614_115307A visit to Mt. Gretna lake.20150621_200607Fun with cousins in Grandma’s sand box. 20150621_100509 20150621_102147 beach june 2015 022 beach june 2015 026beach june 2015 039beach june 2015 046beach june 2015 061Time at the beach with cousins.misc. June 2015 002 misc. June 2015 003Tricycle rides..misc and Rachelle's boys 012Corn on the cob.

That’s enough for now. Part 3 coming up soon, I think 🙂 Hopefully in the next week.

Have a great weekend! I am hunkering down inside unless I have to be outside. This weather feels like winter!

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