Photo session with this little cutie…dustin 2015 001_edited-1 dustin 2015 005_edited-1 dustin 2015 010_edited-1 dustin 2015 013 dustin 2015 016_edited-1He was such a good little guy!dustin 2015 023 dustin 2015 034_edited-1 dustin 2015 036_edited-1 dustin 2015 040_edited-1 dustin 2015 042_edited-1Little charmer 🙂dustin 2015 045_edited-2 dustin 2015 046_edited-1 dustin 2015 052_edited-1I really enjoy this age for picture taking!

Hope you all are having a good week! Our summer has been a blur. Flying by at lightning speed 🙂 We are trying to soak up it’s goodness while we can! Be blessed!

8 thoughts on “Dustin

  1. Melinda Halteman says:

    Aw:) such a little cutie pie;) thanks again for taking his pics. You do such a good job:)
    Nothing to remind you summer’s flying by like school cleaning yesterday. 😳 our girls are ready to see all their school friends again. Enjoy these last 3 weeks till school starts!!

  2. His little matching belt and boots are so cute. Mom did a great job with the details and the pictures are top notch, as usual! Hope you’re enjoying the summer. I’m savoring every minute.

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