One word. But oh the power of it. Today. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, Today! Are you embracing the moment of today? I confess, I can do a lot of thinking and worrying about tomorrow. Or about what I did or said yesterday. But I’m trying to be more present. Soaking in the goodness that Today offers. Trying not to let the hard things ruin my Today.misc. and at the pae 021 misc. and at the pae 023 misc. and at the pae 026I hope my children remember the little things. Like a short trip to the park with cousins. Nothing fabulous, but time together. A small spot of fun on that particular day.misc. and at the pae 033 misc. and at the pae 035 misc. and at the pae 036 That one child can make my Todays very stressful 🙂 Yes, the one that can’t be happy to just go down the slide properly 🙂 Love him!misc. and at the pae 037 misc. and at the pae 038 misc. and at the pae 039Make the most of your next Today!

Thanks for visiting my little space! So grateful for my readers! 🙂

A breather

You may have wondered why my posts have slacked off lately. I guess it has been extra busy, and sometimes I just don’t have a post in my head 🙂 I do find Instagram to be a quicker way to document our lives, so you can also follow me at this link if you like 🙂

This week has been good in so many ways, but it’s been a week where I’ve felt stressed out and disappointed in myself and my children. So many times I’ve asked God to please give me patience and wisdom, because I needed high doses of it! Not sure if it was the weather or what to blame it on, but the kiddos behavior this week was not good. Along with that, hubby had been working long days, and some long nights, and I felt the load of being a parent, and farmers wife even more. It made me realize just how hard it would be to parent without the help of a spouse.

I knew I felt snappy too. That’s how I unfortunately get when stressed 😦 And as they say, when Mom isn’t happy… 🙂

There is some decisions to make regarding our little guy, and his learning disabilities, and I feel pulled in different directions. You want what is best for your child, and sometimes that just looks hard. There is so many opinions, sometimes it gets confusing. If you think of it, maybe you could breathe a prayer for us 🙂 This week his behavior has been extra trying, and it’s probably due somewhat to the busyness here, but I made so many mistakes, and lost my cool way too often. My birthday came and went, and I always thought that folks at my age had everything figured out, and were mature, and full of wisdom. I am finding out different 🙂

My heart aches for the losses I’ve heard about lately as well. A young mother, and her son, gone so quickly. The earthquake in India. So many hurting, it can seem foolish to worry about the little things. But we do.

I’m praying that I can keep my focus on Christ, where it should be. And I will do the same for you! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!april 2015 005 april 2015 007

The cold drink

misc. april 2015 006 Do you make that cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever is your beverage of choice, and find yourself reheating it? Or maybe gulping it down cold. What is it about the morning that you just can’t drink that cuppa while it’s hot? Maybe it would help if I didn’t choose to drink my coffee or hot chocolate after I eat my breakfast. But I just cannot drink a hot drink first thing in the morning. I like to start my day with a swig of juice 🙂misc. april 2015 007And it never fails. If I make my cappuccino, etc., I will have about 2 or 3 children needing something from me at that moment. “Mom, can you sign my papers?” “Mom, I’m dooone!” You all know what that means 😉 “Mom, I want hot chocolate.” “Mom, Mom, Mom!” And sometimes my head wants to explode. But we power through. And occasionally Mom says, “Dear God, just help me through today. Amen.”


I am absolutely loving springtime. The green grass, warmer temps, budding trees, all just give a renewed energy. A boost from Winter’s slump.end of march, misc. 2015 001 end of march, misc. 2015 003 end of march, misc. 2015 004The long evenings are perfect for dropping a line in the pond! The pictures I took here, it was pretty chilly yet, but I couldn’t resist that light!end of march, misc. 2015 006 end of march, misc. 2015 009 end of march, misc. 2015 010A very peaceful way to end the day.end of march, misc. 2015 012This one warms my heart. Look, they really do get along sometimes 🙂end of march, misc. 2015 013end of march, misc. 2015 017And then they rode off into the sunset 🙂 end of march, misc. 2015 015We serve an awesome God! He makes that beautiful sun, rise and set each day.end of march, misc. 2015 016It doesn’t matter how rough of a day I have, if I get out and see the beauty of creation, I am always uplifted. Filled with the goodness of a loving God.

I pray that each of you has a lovely week! That you take the time to enjoy the beauty God offers us.