More photos

I’m a bit on behind here, and right now I just don’t have any words of wisdom to share with you, so we have more pictures šŸ˜‰jenna 001_edited-1Hanging out with me while I bake. I love this girl! phone feb and march 2015 054I ā¤ silhouettes!phone feb and march 2015 261I just love window shots!phone feb and march 2015 278Have we got style or what?? šŸ™‚cabin and misc. march 2015 033 cabin and misc. march 2015 039Time at the cabin with family. A fort the boys made.cabin and misc. march 2015 037cabin and misc. march 2015 019Such pretty scenery at the cabin!jenna misc march 2015 002 My crazy girl and her crazy hair..jenna misc march 2015 005 jenna misc march 2015 006 jenna misc march 2015 007I just loved watching her eat that orange in the pretty light! jenna misc march 2015 008And to end the post, a quilt from my Grandma, line drying! Spring is here, and I am thankful!!!

The forecast for the weekend sounds lovely! Hope you have a wonderful one!

4 thoughts on “More photos

  1. Oh, what a pretty quilt! And that girl of yours! She is just precious! So cute and sweet. I know you enjoy every moment with her…they grow up so fast. It seems like we blink, and they have grown an inch. I wish I could make it all slow down, so I could cherish it longer, but time marches on. So thankful you shared the sweet pictures. Have a blessed night! šŸ™‚

  2. You know how sometimes you can see something in a picture that isn’t really there because your imagination just runs away with it? I can actually “see” stars in that silhouette photo of the sunset. Another question, am I too old to get away with copying your daughter’s style? šŸ˜‰ *Sigh* I knew it. Well, we’ll leave that to her generation then.

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