Our friends had a beautiful baby girl. Just so much sweetness here! ❤megan and misc 009_edited-1 megan and misc 014_edited-1 megan and misc 015_edited-1A tiny blessing from God!megan and misc 017_edited-1 megan and misc 024_edited-1 megan and misc 026_edited-1Such a beautiful baby! She was so fun to take pictures of 🙂megan and misc 027_edited-1Caught a little smile 🙂megan and misc 038_edited-1megan and misc 039_edited-1megan and misc 044_edited-1These girls are so full of energy! They were fighting over her 🙂megan and misc 049_edited-1megan and misc 051_edited-1megan and misc 058_edited-1 megan and misc 061_edited-1megan and misc 059_edited-1And some cards…card 2_edited-1 megan 3 megan 4 Untitled-1A collage I did for Karolyn..collageI know, it was a lot of pictures. But how could I choose what to post when you have all this sweetness?!!

Jason and Karolyn, thank you for allowing me the pleasure of capturing this precious time! So glad we are friends! 🙂

And to my readers, thanks so much for visiting this little blog!

6 thoughts on “Megan

  1. That was an exceptional set of photos, and the collages are stunning. Congratulations all around! I love her little outfit with the rosettes on one side.

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