Making Donuts

A fun day with my Mom and sisters. We missed you, Sherita! We made lots of donuts. Not sure how many, but it was a lot of frying 🙂

Jenna, and my nieces Ava, and Mary Ellen, watching the process. phone feb and march 2015 226phone feb and march 2015 225_edited-1phone feb and march 2015 227_edited-1My Mom and 2 sisters, working while I took pictures 🙂phone feb and march 2015 228_edited-1The crazy monkeys that played and made messes.misc. Feb and March 005phone feb and march 2015 229_edited-1Little taste tester 🙂phone feb and march 2015 230_edited-1 phone feb and march 2015 231_edited-1I think I gain weight just looking at them 🙂 They were tasty! And I still have some in the freezer that I’m saving 🙂

I so enjoy these times with my family! And just to show you what the children kept busy feb and march 2015 232I wasn’t going to show a picture of this room, because I really dislike it, but this just cracked me up too much not to 🙂 They know how to make a mess, don’t they? I cleaned up a little bit, but I was going away that evening, so I didn’t have time to do it all. I asked the children to clean up, and I went out for supper with some friends, and came home, and they did a great job at tidying up. Win for me 😉 Great memories!

Hope you are having a good week!

12 thoughts on “Making Donuts

  1. Oh my word, that looks like so much fun! I wish I could eat at least 2 of them right now! 🙂
    That is one thing I “think” I miss the most about not living close to my family, getting together and doing a fun project for the day! Of course there is a host of other things but this is a big one. 🙂
    The kids room… totally my basement right now!!

    • They are delicious! 🙂 And I don’t live really close to my sisters. They are an hour and a half away, but it sure is good to get together sometimes!

  2. Oh, my! This looks like so much fun! I miss doing fun things with my Mom like this….my sisters, too. Mom is gone, and we are all so scattered apart. It is comforting to see pictures like this…makes me think of the past and what used to be. And the donuts! OH, my! They look so yummy! So thankful you are making these precious memories!!

  3. That last picture was priceless! You couldn’t not show it. Clearly the aftermath of a good time. The donuts look a little too good. Like, the freezer would be calling often. 🙂

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