Another Haiti Post

I ended the last post with our visit to the twins.

One thing I forgot to talk about was church. I felt like taking my camera, but didn’t know if that was being respectful, so I didn’t. One thing they don’t lack is enthusiasm 🙂 I liked how heartily they sang. Stanley Fox preached the message, and John Harold, a young Haitian man we learned to know a bit, translated. The energy was high 🙂 And I loved how Stanley preached, and how fast he translated. What really amused me was when Stanley started preaching in Creole, and John Harold switched to English 🙂 Quite interesting!

After visiting the twins, we headed back to the mission so the boys could nap. I think we played some Skum or Black Thirteen, and then when the boys woke up, I took Owen’s pictures for Sherita. Hati, Owen, Misc 135I don’t want to post them till family and friends see them, but I sure had fun! And isn’t he the cutest? 🙂

I think Sunday was the day we crawled up on the roof to look around. The view from up here…Hati, Owen, Misc 101 Hati, Owen, Misc 102 Hati, Owen, Misc 103 Hati, Owen, Misc 104 Hati, Owen, Misc 106Loved this gate with the flowers!Hati, Owen, Misc 100Hibiscus..Hati, Owen, Misc 107_edited-1Walking the streetHati, Owen, Misc 162Lois Ann and Kimberly on their way to see the twins. Lois Ann is Aubrey and Emily’s school teacher. Kimberly is my cousin’s daughter. I enjoyed getting to know both girls.Hati, Owen, Misc 099_edited-1A few more from the street..Hati, Owen, Misc 139 Hati, Owen, Misc 163This was on our way back from taking a peek at Patrick’s house. He is another young man we learned to know a bit. I say young, even though he was older than me 🙂 I guessed him to be 21. He was 34. I don’t know why, but everyone down there looks younger than they are 🙂Hati, Owen, Misc 156Aubrey didn’t want her picture taken. I took that as a challenge 🙂Hati, Owen, Misc 158 Hati, Owen, Misc 160Madame Albert ~ a beautiful lady with a sad story of her own She was so sweet though. Sherita was giving her a dress that Tina ( Sherita’s sis-in-law) made for Madame Albert’s daughter.Hati, Owen, Misc 164Monday morning this young lady came that was cut by a knife her boyfriend was wielding. She cried as Sherita washed it. I felt so bad for her! It was actually pretty deep, and they told her to go to the hospital to get it stitched. She said she had no money to go, so Harold gave her some, and she left with the understanding to come back the next day. I found out she did come back, but was unable to get to the hospital because of the protesting on Mon.

And I again underestimated how many pictures I took, so I will finish up my Haiti trip with another post. Did I say how many posts I was doing on Haiti? 🙂 Bear with me. It’s not every day you get to do a trip like that 🙂

Hope your week is going well!

4 thoughts on “Another Haiti Post

  1. I think it is wonderful that you are including all of these posts. It is really hard to imagine how hard their lives are until you see it. Since most of us will never go there in person, what a blessing it is that you are “taking us there” through your lovely, clear, wonderful pictures. I, for one, will enjoy every, single post. 🙂 I appreciate you sharing and taking the time and am so thankful you had such an enjoyable trip.

  2. You said you were doing three posts on Haiti, but you could do ten and that would be fine. The stories are as interesting as the photos! I’m curious about whether everyone has tall gates and brick type fences around their property, or am I just imagining it?

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