Home again!

Yes indeed, we survived the flight 🙂 Some of you are patiently waiting for a Haiti post. I’m getting there 😊 This is the longest break I’ve ever taken from blogging 🙂 Guess I needed time since we came home, and it’s been a bit busy. I often do my blogging at night after the children are in bed, but for some reason, I just felt like sleeping instead. That warm Haitian weather definitely left you feeling more motivated than this arctic blast around here 🙂

So I’m doing at least 2 posts on Haiti,  because you know me, I took LOTS of pictures!

I just want to say a big thanks for all your well wishes and prayers for our trip! I am convinced your prayers brought us back home on time. More on that later, maybe another post 🙂 Right now, Dale and I are sitting in a dr.’s office, waiting to see if Tristan qualifies for vision therapy. We are so hoping they can help our little man! He struggles so much with learning, and we are hoping this helps him out!

OK , back on track here. Photo overload coming up ☺Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 141

Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 146

Waiting for takeoff

My alarm went at 12:45 a.m., Friday morning. We took 2 suitcases full of frozen things, so I packed that up, and we were off. We were enroute to JFK by 2:30, if I remember right. Traveling went well, as did our security check in. We boarded the plane on time, but then ended up waiting on the plane for more than an hour, waiting to get de iced. I have to say I loved takeoff! That feeling of power, and then the slight lift. Flying was not my favorite part of the trip, but it sure was pretty up there! And it gave us some time to catch a few much needed winks 😉20150130_133932So pretty!Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 151_edited-1Descending into Haiti. And then the chaos 🙂 Lots of offers, let us help with your bags. We turned them down. Uniformed men ushering us through the crowd.  We spot Harold and Sherita. Quick hugs and a few tears. I’m thinking, these guys are helpful. And then one grabs my bag. Let me help you. Yes, so kind. And then we get to the truck, and the asking for money begins. So I give the guy a bit. Then the next guy wants some, too. He was carrying another suitcase, not mine. I told him, I paid the one that had my suitcase. He put on his puppy dog face, please some for me. Welcome to Haiti!! 🙂

And then riding on the back of the truck to the mission. I loved it. All the sights, smells. An eye opener. And every now and then, Harold’s driving opened them a bit wider 😉 There is no system to the driving there. Well, yes, there is. It’s grab gears and go. It’s fly and be ready to stop quick. It’s each for his own 🙂 Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 163 Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 169_edited-1When we ride on the back, we ride in style.20150131_090401Mindy and I. My barn bandanna came in quite handy. Sherita had the nice scarves.Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 159 Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 162We had this terrible joke about the scarves. We called them “The Glittery Jewels”. But we said this in our best dutchy accent. “Glichree Chewels”. Maybe we were tired 🙂 Anyways, I still laugh about those scarves.

When we got back, we were served a Haitian meal that their cook made. I didn’t care for the bean sauce, and the picklies ( I’m sure that’s spelled wrong), but the rice and vegetable sauce were sooo good! Hati, Owen, Misc 022_edited-1I just made myself hungry 🙂 I don’t think I got a picture of the cook. Her name was Milan. That’s probably spelled wrong too 🙂 But she was a sweetheart!

Love these cuties! Little Owen fell asleep on the way back from the airport, so he wasn’t on the picture.Hati, Owen, Misc 012Hati, Owen, Misc 015Brandy: best beggar around 🙂 She loved any table scraps. And when she’s in protective mode, Look out! I heard her run against the gate quite a few times 🙂Hati, Owen, Misc 017Couldn’t get enough of this scenery!Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 224Hati, Owen, Misc 019Picking a flower for his mommy.Hati, Owen, Misc 026_edited-1They loved all the gifts that we brought along!Hati, Owen, Misc 031_edited-1The young guys night for games.Hati, Owen, Misc 032BreakfastMisc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 153So good! I even added their powdered milk to my oatmeal. A little hard for the farmer’s wife 🙂 It wasn’t bad 😉Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 158These 2! So stinkin cute! They got lots of kisses whether they wanted them or not 🙂Misc. and Haiti, Jan. 2015 156That is the last one for this post. I knew it would be hard for me to end a post when I started 🙂 I have so many more pictures to share with you. We’ll see when I get that accomplished. Have a great weekend!!

18 thoughts on “Home again!

  1. Melinda says:

    The scarves:) Hahaha!! I’m thinking it was a lack of sleep, or maybe being extra excited about actually being in Haiti with them! My poor husband thought I had lost my senses, lol

  2. I have been praying for you, as the Lord has brought you to my mind often!!! SO very thankful you are home and safe and that God brought you back to your dear family and kept them in His hands while you were gone, too. He is a faithful God, praise His name! So happy to hear from you. 🙂

  3. Sharon Horst says:

    Thanks for the post!! So good to see pics of our dear family!! Sure did bring back memories of my visit to Haiti years ago. I especially remembered the begging for money after carrying your bags!! Praise the Lord for safety and we loved having Jenna and Tristan!!

  4. Cheryl Burkholder says:

    Ah, lovely pics…makes me want to go back. Glad you had a good time. Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics and hear how everything went!

  5. Wow, what a neat trip! Your pictures are beautiful, and make even Haiti look like a tropical paradise. 🙂 And I’m cracking up about the scarves – my sisters and I joke around in Dutch accents with each other and laugh so hard! 🙂

  6. Oh I was looking forward to this! Am I right in saying that no pictures do justice to Haiti without visiting? My mom just came home and says that. 🙂 It looks so interesting. Keep posting more, I don’t mind. 🙂

  7. Finally catching up and getting to see your beautiful Haiti pictures. Post more please. 🙂 These are great, I feel like I was there. Those scarves are really something.

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