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I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but here it is COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really would just stay at home if I could. But there is school children to take to school, groceries to get, and bible school this evening. But in between that, we will be staying warm in our home.

Time to unload some phone pics once again….20141230_182007 20141230_182328 I don’t make this rollup very often. It has lots of delish chocolate, and is a weakness for me when it’s here 🙂20150102_083049I love watching and listening to her play doll!20150102_084427 20150102_084444Momma/Daughter selfie #that’sactuallythesunshining:)20150101_133848My lunch – love taco salad!20150103_163948More playing doll20150103_084550Our regular Saturday morning breakfast. This is a momma sized pancake 🙂20150105_095008Helping hang the barn wash up on the drying rack before we head out in the wicked weather 🙂20150105_181239One of our favorite meals – mashed potatoes, parmesan chicken, and corn. All I could hear was chewing 🙂 Nice when you make a meal they like so much, they just eat, and don’t complain.IMG_20150104_134250If you’ve never had Longhorn’s chocolate stampede, you are missing an awesome moment if your life 😉 However brief that moment may be. It’s good this was shared by 4 people. I looked up the nutrition facts on it. Oh boy! It has a whopping 2,180 calories! Total fat – 131 grams. To burn off the calories? 605 min. of walking, 249 min. of jogging, 181 min. of swimming, or 332 minutes of cycling. Like I said, 4 people shared, but I could easily polish it off by myself. I’d just skip the icecream and eat the chocolate stuff 🙂 I say, worth.every.bite!!20150105_112233Home from BB’S. Unloading the loot.20150105_201119Bedtime snack. Oreos and milk. The 2 empty spots didn’t want their picture taken 🙂20150106_131209  Love my hardworking, tired farmer and his sidekick 🙂 20150106_144857Bad picture of a yummy cupcake. Mother-in-law was baking for something, and didn’t like how they turned out. Lucky us! We get to reap the benefits 🙂20150107_112304 20150107_112830Lunch at Macs with a friend.20150107_112918I had a coupon. Buy one, get one free. Cue the happy dance. Put it in the freezer when I got home. Might share it 😉20150107_12263620150107_123201Making an “E” with pasta20150107_123514Dale was discussing with our vet how our little man struggles with school books. His wife works with special needs children, and they were so kind to give us this hooked on phonics set. Tristan is really enjoying it! Another thing they suggested was He really loves it and it’s teaching him alot!

Have a blessed day! Try to stay warm 🙂

6 thoughts on “More From My Phone

  1. So many things to comment on. 🙂 Cute selfies. 🙂
    The meal they all like… that is so rare here. I told them I would like a meal that they all just ate without one word of complaint. Everyone likes something different.
    If we were out to eat together, you could have all the dessert for your very own. I don’t do chocolate. 🙂
    I might need to look into abcmouse. Sounds interesting.

  2. Well it’s rare that there’s a meal they all like, but this is one of them 🙂 And I think it would be great to go out to eat with you, especially if I order a chocolate dessert 😉

  3. I loved this post…love seeing all of your wonderful, precious moments! These everyday, “ordinary” times are the most special of all and are what they will remember most! I also love your kitchen. It’s beautiful. God bless you and keep all of you warm and healthy this winter. 🙂

  4. Some of us could eat the chocolate stampeded and run around the globe and still gain five pounds! Good thing it looks sharable. And no one has ever passed up chicken, corn, and mashed potatoes in any form in the history of time. You are wise to serve it. By the way, I like the mom/kids selfies and think it’s a genius solution if you are the one always taking pictures and never in the pictures…which always happens to me. So I need to do more of that.

  5. On the selfies. I agree that I’m never in the picture much.On the other hand , I hate how they can make your face look all wonky 🙂 Thanks for commenting! I always love reading yours 🙂

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