Things we did in the last month

misc. nov. 2014 008_edited-1Ate supper under balloons that Kirsten strung up for Jenna’s bdaymisc. nov. 2014 015 misc. nov. 2014 016Played with flashcards and an empty lego boxmisc. nov. 2014 035_edited-1 misc. nov. 2014 037_edited-1 misc. nov. 2014 038_edited-1Wrapped gifts to send to Haiti for my sis and her family. Do not ask me how the packages looked 😉 We hope they got opened before they looked at them too hard. My wrapping skills need work. Then add a 3 yr. old to the mix. You get the picture 🙂misc. nov. 2014 039_edited-1 misc. nov. 2014 041 misc. nov. 2014 043Observed, talked, and “helped” the guys doing the stone on our house. We hope they didn’t dread showing up at our place. I’m guessing they learned more about us than they wanted to 🙂 Whoever said boys don’t talk as much as girls?? 🙂misc. nov. 2014 044 misc. nov. 2014 046_edited-1Helped me by VOLUNTEERING to do the dishes. Any mother LOVES when that happens!misc. nov. 2014 048_edited-1 misc. nov. 2014 049_edited-1 misc. nov. 2014 051misc. nov. 2014 058_edited-1 A suncatcher project on a cold daymisc. nov. 2014 054misc. nov. 2014 055 misc. nov. 2014 056_edited-1 misc. nov. 2014 059 misc. nov. 2014 060_edited-1Enjoyed the snow. Or should I say I enjoyed looking at it. The mess, the gloves, the snow pants, etc., not my favorite thing. At least the children had fun 🙂

And in between all that, we laughed, we cried, we fought, we worked, we apologized, we complained, we were grateful, we were not grateful, we were kind, and not so kind. We spilled things, threw things, fell off things, fixed things, cleaned the house, washed, folded, cleaned the house, cooked, baked, cleaned the house. Did I say clean the house? 😉 And we probably did a host of other stuff.*

* I did not participate in all the above, just in case you get a very, very bad impression of me 🙂

That’s all for now, folks 🙂 Have a lovely day!!

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