Crafting with friends

A few weeks ago, my friends and I got together for the day, and did some stenciling. We did tea towels and 1 of them did a pillow cover. I really enjoyed it! And I am not a crafty gal πŸ™‚ Now my friends, on the other hand, are super creative. And it wasn’t about having the perfect piece, but being together and having fun. misc. nov. 2014 024 misc. nov. 2014 025_edited-1This was the pillow cover, done with a toilet paper tube. It was gorgeous! misc. nov. 2014 027Janelle and her CUTE little sidekick.misc. nov. 2014 026_edited-1misc. nov. 2014 028I found this stencil at Hobby Lobby. I liked how it turned out. As you can see, we were professional here. Didn’t get stencil adhesive, so washi tape to the rescue πŸ™‚ It actually worked pretty good!misc. nov. 2014 029 misc. nov. 2014 030 Love everything about this stand. My friend Kendra hosted, and her home is just lovely. She could be an interior designer. For real.misc. nov. 2014 031_edited-1Jenna having fun.misc. nov. 2014 032_edited-1Two little cuties. And naughty as well πŸ™‚misc. nov. 2014 033_edited-1One of Janelle’s pieces. She is just one crafty gal! I wish I would have taken more of our finished products.20141203_133822A quick snapshot of one I did. This one was my favorite. Don’t look to closely, you’ll see my messups πŸ˜‰

Be blessed!

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