Mishmash Monday


Just some pictures of life on Locust St.jenna, fall 002_edited-1Tristan and Jenna like to go for a ride with Daddy.jenna, fall 036_edited-1 Cousins and playmates. The sawdust pile is much fun.

jenna, fall 037 jenna, fall 038_edited-1 jenna, fall 039_edited-1jenna, fall 040_edited-1Givin’ Zoey some love πŸ™‚jenna, fall 023_edited-1 jenna, fall 024 jenna, fall 028_edited-1There was much excitement over Uncle Randy’s deer shot here on the farm πŸ™‚jenna, fall 030Helping to give the calves their evening meal.jenna, fall 031_edited-1Some things they do for fun πŸ˜‰mostly shane 002What is that, you ask. That is Jenna’s lollipop. She wanted to jump on the trampoline, and had a lollipop, so I told her to lay it down while she jumps. She promptly stuck it in the side, right next to the springs. What can I say, the girl is just clever πŸ˜‰mostly shane 004Another ride with Dad.mostly shane 005_edited-1Tristan is such a good helper with farm chores!

That’s all for today. We are quite liking the warmer temperatures that came to us. And Thanksgiving vacation coming up for the school children. Yay for that! Happy Monday!

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