Death and life

I wrote this post last evening, when the children were safely tucked in bed.

It is 9:12 p.m. I hear the noisemaker upstairs humming away. It’s mostly quiet, with a few murmurings from one little 3 yr. old. I’m not sure why, but she is usually the last to bed and almost always the 1st one up. Lately she’s been getting up at 6 am, which, in my opinion, is too early for a 3 yr. old. She doesn’t think so πŸ™‚

Dale is out hauling manure out of the manure pit. He’ll be doing that all night and tomorrow as well. I should be in bed. That alarm is going to go way too early, but as of now, I’m wide awake. I just got done enjoying my 1st mocha frappe since my gallbladder surgery, 3 wks. ago tomorrow. It was very, very tasty πŸ™‚ Hopefully it agrees with me. So far I haven’t noticed too many foods that don’t, so that’s nice!

On to my topic. Death and life. Life and death. Two very different words. On the farm, we see a lot of life and death. Newborn calves. Some come into the world kicking. The next, a few breaths, and they breathe no more. Cows. Some are healthy. Some you lose due to accidents and injuries, etc. All a part of this life. Our children are used to seeing this. It’s what they’ve grown up with.

About 2 wks. ago, Dale came in from the barn with the sad news that he found our pony dead. Kirsten was quite sad, as was I. We don’t know what caused her death. As you may remember from before, she came to us neglected. Dale thought perhaps her heart may have given out. The day before, she and the cows had escaped the meadow, and were really running around, so we thought maybe it was too much for her. I was just glad I had taken Kirsten’s pictures with her, because she had wanted that so badly. They will have good memories of her! jenna, fall 035We have countless other stories of life and death on the farm. We’ve loved the 2 litters of puppies Zoey surprised us with. And we’ve buried several dogs too. Picture 021By the way, we had no idea who the father of these puppies was, but they sure were unique πŸ™‚ Picture 047

One story that I don’t think we’ll ever forget, is when 2 dogs came after our sheep. I wasΒ  pregnant with Jenna at the time. Dale was up at the fire hall for a meeting that evening. I was out with the children. These dogs lived up the road, and had come down before, and I was very uneasy how they looked at their eyes. Plus we had seen them chase our sheep already when they went through our field lane, but the owner was with them and called them off, so nothing was said. We just instructed the children to go inside if they see them. Well that night they came and the 2 sheep were out at the calf barn, and they just went at them. I’d like to say I remained calm. I did not. What was I to do? Nobody there but me and the children. And I was scared of the dogs. I told the children to stay at the garage, and if they see the dogs running in, GET INSIDE. I grabbed a bat, through it in the car, and tore out the lane, blowing the horn as I went. At some point, I made a phone call to Dale. I don’t remember when, but he knew I needed help. And my horn blowing scared them a little, enough for the sheep to get up and start running, but they ran behind the calf barn, and the dogs ran after them. I tell you, when you see your animals being bitten and torn and bleeding, you do things you shouldn’t. I was scared, but even more than that, I was angry. I know I should never have gotten out of my vehicle, but I did. Bat in my hands, and yelling my head off, I went after them. I’m pretty sure that any close neighbors had to hear something. I guess I looked pretty scary. I can’t even remember if I had to use the bat or not, but I know by the time Dale came flying in the drive, they were running for home. When I look back, I thank God for His protection on me and my children. We had to get the vet out for the sheep, but they both died in the next few days. My children still talk about that. I admit, I got a little teary as I’m typing. I’ve always been an animal lover πŸ™‚ But things happen. There is life, and there is death.

There is one death that happened long ago, so that you and I could have eternal life. Jesus hung on the cross, bruised and beaten, and took upon Himself our sins. What a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for us! His willingness to DIE, so that we could LIVE. That is why life is worth living!jenna, fall 032_edited-1Have a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “Death and life

  1. A hearty amen to your last paragraph, and I love the final picture, too. I’m so sorry about the pony, but am not sorry that you took such good care of it and gave him? Her? A good home in its last days.

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