How do I love them? Let me count the ways..

1. Going to church, and being recharged and renewed spiritually. This Sunday wasn’t quite as nice. Hubby stayed home with the little people,  who’s sniffling and coughs made me happy to leave for a bit 🙂 Probably would have been me staying home if I wouldn’t have had to teach.

2. A nice long Sunday nap. Really, really love them 🙂

3. Time for some restful activities. Like reading, scrapbooking, etc. Maybe scrapbooking isn’t the proper term. My squiggly lines pop up when I write that word 🙂20141116_1659444. Can’t forget eating. Love some good food 🙂 Jenna brought me a snack when I was doing pictures. Dear girl! Too bad it wasn’t real 🙂 On the other hand, it probably was better that it wasn’t. I’d like to lose a few pounds. Some of you know how that is 🙂 I must continually rein in my impulses, because I do love food.20141116_171611So this was a Sunday we spent at home, except for me going to Sunday school. It seemed to bring on the fighting and extreme hyperness. We are hoping the colds go away soon. Tis the season, I guess. I declared though, that I pity the school teachers if they have to listen to throat clearing and sniffling all day. It really makes me wanna plug my ears after awhile. Really.

What do you like about Sundays?

Happy Monday! Hope you are staying healthy!

6 thoughts on “Sundays

  1. Definitely going to church. Unfortunately we didn’t make it yesterday. 😦 It’s just not the same starting my week off without it. And yes, Sunday naps are the best!!!

  2. Ah but I love a good Sunday as well. All the things you mentioned above! Yesterday was one of those when you come home weary in the evening and wondered if it really could be called a day of rest. I made up for it today… since we had a bunch of snow, we just called it our second Sunday and took it easy. 🙂

  3. I love all those things- going to church just recharges me & starts the week off right! And a long nap and some reading completes the day. 🙂 Since we got our little preemie, doctors said absolutely no church until spring! So, after a few Sundays, Jay & I will start taking turns- we had several folks offer to stay with him so we can go together. I’m going to miss “normal” Sunday mornings! 🙂

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