My cute nephew. Just look at those curls! I think curls are so adorable, maybe because my children have straight hair 🙂9He wanted no parts of getting his picture taken 🙂 So we snapped fast and fed him smarties and his mommy said we’ll take what we get 🙂misc. karen, cabin 098Just look at that face. He was hamming it up 🙂 misc. karen, cabin 0992 3 8 misc. karen, cabin 085Sometimes the child just doesn’t want to look at the camera, and I think sometimes those photos can be just as cute. I had fun doing these, even if he didn’t 🙂 I’m just hoping that my nieces and nephews don’t remember me as that annoying aunt with a camera 😉

Corn day

The men get the fun job of picking it 🙂 Then on to the husking..

misc. karen, cabin 031 misc. karen, cabin 032 misc. karen, cabin 034 misc. karen, cabin 035 misc. karen, cabin 036 misc. karen, cabin 037 misc. karen, cabin 038 The children usually feed the corn through the silker..misc. karen, cabin 041 misc. karen, cabin 039Ready to cook…misc. karen, cabin 042 misc. karen, cabin 043Cooling and cuttingmisc. karen, cabin 045 misc. karen, cabin 044Mom’s hands always seem to fly when she’s cutting corn 🙂misc. karen, cabin 107The eating happens all throughout the day 🙂 There is usually a few wanting an ear as soon as the first tub is through. Then more corn at lunch, and fingers trying to snitch it while we’re cutting 🙂 While I enjoy doing corn, I’m glad that it’s in the freezer!

Happy Labor Day!