A Change of Attitude

My morning didn’t begin well. I first woke up very early to the sound of a mouse ( at least I’m hoping it was just a mouse, because it sounded like a large one) scratching inside the ceiling of our old farmhouse. Right above my head to be exact 😦 I grabbed a hanger, because it was close by, and hit the ceiling. That would chase him away. Dove back into bed. SCRATCH! AACH! Anyways, moving on. The school rush, children fighting,an unorganized, slow moving child, rooms that need electric hooked up so I can see (don’t ask :)), a missing phone charger and a dead phone. All minor irritations, but it kept building. Until I got snippy. And when what I was thinking popped out of my mouth, I realized how I sounded. Embarrassing to say the least. So I gave myself a pep talk. Out loud, so my children could hear, and wonder what is wrong with their mom? 🙂 But it helped, it really did! Because my attitude affects my family and those around me. And I know my patience level is very low. I am a work in progress 🙂 If you have any tips for me, please by all means, share them 🙂

So today, I decided to share some pictures that make me smile. Make me feel happy and blessed. Because I am. Truly!au 067 au 068 au 069A warm, summer evening, with a bit of rain. She looked so sweet playing with my sprinkling can.au 071 au 072 au 074May God bless you today !!

2 thoughts on “A Change of Attitude

  1. I love her expression in the second picture, and the encouragement about a change of attitude. We’ve all suffered from morning nonsense build-up-until-it-explodes syndrome.

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