It’s here

It’s been in my thoughts the last week. I don’t want to admit it, but I must 🙂 It seems that fall has arrived,  folks. I am not ready to say goodbye to summer,  but yesterday I really felt that fall chill. I even gave in and bought a few pumpkins this week 🙂 Seasons come and go, & so I will be thankful, even though it may take me a bit of time 🙂

One of our fall jobs… digging potatoes at Dad and Mom.20140909_11275420140909_10381920140909_103828Tristan did really well with helping! Could it been the promise of some money? 🙂20140909_103850Crates and more crates…20140909_132732 20140909_130241This year the weather was perfect for digging! Dryer soil and lower temps. Makes the job easier 🙂20140909_130020I hope you have a great day! Maybe get out and enjoy the fall weather. You might want a sweater 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s here

  1. Fall is actually my favorite season! But, I know what you mean…I always feel a little sad to leave the last season behind. So many memories! The saddest part for me is seeing how quickly our little man is growing…it hit me this morning how one day he will be grown and no longer living under our roof (Lord willing), and I cried and cried!! We just have to cherish the seasons while they are here…both the yearly seasons and the seasons of life, for every one of them hold their own beauty and blessings. God help us to make the most of these days…while our little ones are under our care and guidance. May we make each moment count for righteousness and instilling His love and grace into their little hearts and lives. Your family is just precious…I love reading about your farming adventures.

  2. Regina says:

    I love this time of the year! Although I’m hoping the cold stays away for awhile. Mums and pumpkins are finding their way on to our deck, much to Dakota’s delight! This is great fun to pull flowers off before mom gets there and then quick run to the next one. Reminds me of a little Jenna I know:)! Keep up the interesting posts! We enjoy reading them and looking at the pics.

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