My oldest son… 9 yrs. old. Every time my children turn a yr. older, I get all sentimental and say things like, “I can’t believe he or she is that age already!!” and “Where did the time go?”

That’s what I’m thinking now as I type this 🙂 How is it that he is 9?? Some days he surprises me with how grown up he can be, and the next time he acts like he’s reverted back to a 3 yr. old. He loves anything with a motor! Sometimes I wonder what else he could possibly start up in a day 🙂 I know that comes from his daddy 🙂

I always love to see my children at each stage as they grow, but I do feel a twinge of sadness at how fast the years really do go by.

Tomorrow school is starting for the year, and he will be entering 3d grade. He really enjoys school, and does well, so I’m hoping for another good year.

all proud of his bday gift :)

all proud of his bday gift 🙂

mosl 014I took him and some friends swimming for his bday.. mosl 015mosl 054_edited-1 mosl 056_edited-1 mosl 059_edited-1My sweet boy! He has brown hair and eyes just like his daddy. Handsome like his dad too 😉mosl 061_edited-1 I may have been acting a bit ridiculous so I could get some smiles 🙂 Instead I get this 🙂mosl 062Love him!! Even though he can frustrate me like crazy 🙂mosl 065_edited-1 mosl 067_edited-1 mosl 068_edited-1 mosl 074_edited-1He so badly wanted a picture with Misty, so I obliged. I decided not to order wallets of this one though, because she looks so poorly. Sure, I could do some photoshopping, but that’s not real life. I’m hoping by Kirsten’s birthday to be able to take her pictures with her. Think she’ll be looking good by then 🙂

Have an awesome week! ~ Jolene

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