A Happy Day

It was a morning that Dale came back from hauling a horse for someone, that there were some very excited children at our house. An Amish acquaintance of ours blessed us with a free pony. Or small horse? There is still some debate on that 🙂 I think it looks to much like a horse to be a pony. Does that even make sense? 🙂 I have no experience with horses 🙂

Anyways, we added to our Old McDonald farm 🙂 I guess someone dropped this pony off at this Amish man’s farm because it was neglected and needed care. And then it came here. I pitied the poor thing! Very thin and losing hair. She is getting plenty of attention here! Maybe more than she would like 🙂mosl 036_edited-1 mosl 037_edited-1 mosl 038_edited-1 mosl 039_edited-1 mosl 040_edited-1They all were so happy! Kirsten has been begging for a horse for so long 🙂mosl 045_edited-1A good shampoo was in order. I’m actually quite proud of my hubby for helping the children . This is definitely not something he would normally do 🙂 Unless it was a cow 🙂 mosl 046_edited-1 mosl 047 mosl 048_edited-1Her name is Misty. She is starting to look much better, even though Tristan cut her mane rather short 🙂 Guess he thought she needed a trim as well 🙂 I told the children not to ride her till she is stronger, but it wasn’t long till I’d see them. We have no saddle, they just sit on her bareback 🙂 She is quite gentle, which is great for these people not used to horses 🙂

At any rate, I prefer her over the pigs 🙂mosl 042_edited-1Who as you can see are starting to look quite portly. In fact, I think they will soon be headed off to various butcher shops  🙂 Randy and Diana are giving one to us, and I think when I’m eating that yummy ham, and bacon, and sausage, I will remember all the pig chases, the running through flower beds, and I will be smiling 😉

8 thoughts on “A Happy Day

  1. Becky says:

    Lol Kendra! 🙂
    Misty does look like she gets attention. 🙂 hopefully she’ll soon be strong enough for the kiddos to enjoy horse back rides.

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