Rice Krispie Balls

au 008Got this recipe from a friend. Thanks, Janelle 🙂 I think every time I make them, someone says how good they are. Plus, they are so easy, even my 11 yr. old makes them.

1/2 cup peanut butter

1/4 cup powdered sugar

1 cup rice krispies

1/4 cup honey ( I use light corn syrup )

1/2 cup choc. chips

Mix together and form into balls.

You can roll them in powdered sugar if you’d like. Personally, I think they taste better that way 🙂 But I do have a sweet tooth. And take my word for it, you will want to double the recipe right away. They never last long here 🙂

Fun Stuff

misc. karen, cabin 008We enjoyed the Lebanon Fair… misc. karen, cabin 010 misc. karen, cabin 011 misc. karen, cabin 012Especially the good food 🙂misc. karen, cabin 009mosl 077_edited-1Everyone loves the milkshakes there! We get loaded with free coupons since we’re dairy farmers. Nice! I’ve also helped at the milkshake stand the last 2 yrs. and I do enjoy it.mosl 075_edited-1 mosl 078_edited-1 mosl 079_edited-1I love the display set up at the milkshake stand. Someone made little cowpies with cement, I guess, and they are very real looking, corn included 🙂 And I’m a sucker for old milk cans 🙂

We of course had to walk through the pig building, and the bunny shed, and the cow barns, because we don’t see enough of them 🙂

We even have a fair souvenir. This fish the boys won. I have to admit, I like watching him swim around.misc. karen, cabin 047While I’m typing, I hear little dripping sounds when he comes to the surface. It’s quite peaceful after a busy day 🙂

Be Blessed!!


My oldest son… 9 yrs. old. Every time my children turn a yr. older, I get all sentimental and say things like, “I can’t believe he or she is that age already!!” and “Where did the time go?”

That’s what I’m thinking now as I type this 🙂 How is it that he is 9?? Some days he surprises me with how grown up he can be, and the next time he acts like he’s reverted back to a 3 yr. old. He loves anything with a motor! Sometimes I wonder what else he could possibly start up in a day 🙂 I know that comes from his daddy 🙂

I always love to see my children at each stage as they grow, but I do feel a twinge of sadness at how fast the years really do go by.

Tomorrow school is starting for the year, and he will be entering 3d grade. He really enjoys school, and does well, so I’m hoping for another good year.

all proud of his bday gift :)

all proud of his bday gift 🙂

mosl 014I took him and some friends swimming for his bday.. mosl 015mosl 054_edited-1 mosl 056_edited-1 mosl 059_edited-1My sweet boy! He has brown hair and eyes just like his daddy. Handsome like his dad too 😉mosl 061_edited-1 I may have been acting a bit ridiculous so I could get some smiles 🙂 Instead I get this 🙂mosl 062Love him!! Even though he can frustrate me like crazy 🙂mosl 065_edited-1 mosl 067_edited-1 mosl 068_edited-1 mosl 074_edited-1He so badly wanted a picture with Misty, so I obliged. I decided not to order wallets of this one though, because she looks so poorly. Sure, I could do some photoshopping, but that’s not real life. I’m hoping by Kirsten’s birthday to be able to take her pictures with her. Think she’ll be looking good by then 🙂

Have an awesome week! ~ Jolene

A Happy Day

It was a morning that Dale came back from hauling a horse for someone, that there were some very excited children at our house. An Amish acquaintance of ours blessed us with a free pony. Or small horse? There is still some debate on that 🙂 I think it looks to much like a horse to be a pony. Does that even make sense? 🙂 I have no experience with horses 🙂

Anyways, we added to our Old McDonald farm 🙂 I guess someone dropped this pony off at this Amish man’s farm because it was neglected and needed care. And then it came here. I pitied the poor thing! Very thin and losing hair. She is getting plenty of attention here! Maybe more than she would like 🙂mosl 036_edited-1 mosl 037_edited-1 mosl 038_edited-1 mosl 039_edited-1 mosl 040_edited-1They all were so happy! Kirsten has been begging for a horse for so long 🙂mosl 045_edited-1A good shampoo was in order. I’m actually quite proud of my hubby for helping the children . This is definitely not something he would normally do 🙂 Unless it was a cow 🙂 mosl 046_edited-1 mosl 047 mosl 048_edited-1Her name is Misty. She is starting to look much better, even though Tristan cut her mane rather short 🙂 Guess he thought she needed a trim as well 🙂 I told the children not to ride her till she is stronger, but it wasn’t long till I’d see them. We have no saddle, they just sit on her bareback 🙂 She is quite gentle, which is great for these people not used to horses 🙂

At any rate, I prefer her over the pigs 🙂mosl 042_edited-1Who as you can see are starting to look quite portly. In fact, I think they will soon be headed off to various butcher shops  🙂 Randy and Diana are giving one to us, and I think when I’m eating that yummy ham, and bacon, and sausage, I will remember all the pig chases, the running through flower beds, and I will be smiling 😉


I posted a few weeks ago on our trip to see friends in Maryland. While we were there, I took a few photos of them so they could send out some cards. Meet Harlan and Regina Good & family. misc, maryland trip 084_edited-1misc, maryland trip 086_edited-1 misc, maryland trip 091_edited-1We are blessed to have them as friends!misc, maryland trip 102_edited-1 misc, maryland trip 113_edited-1 Their cards…card regina Untitled-1_edited-1Thanks Harlan and Regina, for giving me the privilege of taking pictures of your family! You guys are great 🙂

My baby

Not too much of a baby anymore 🙂 The older I get , the faster time flies 🙂 misc, maryland trip 018 misc, maryland trip 017_edited-1Water and her go hand in hand!misc, maryland trip 022_edited-1Proud of her muddy hands.misc, maryland trip 026 misc, maryland trip 023_edited-1Laundry tubs sure are handy for quick cleanups!mosl 029_edited-1A bit of a power struggle here 🙂 mosl 028_edited-1 mosl 026_edited-1She likes to think she’s in control! As I was on the computer tonight, I heard her upstairs scolding the boys, ” Be quiet! Go to bed! ”

We love her to bits!

I hope you are blessed with a terrific week! ~ Jolene

Farm Boy

Our youngest son. He is all about the cows 🙂 First thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is get dressed and heads out to the barn to see if there is any new baby calves or any cows that were moved to another stall.

I love that about him! He is definitely one of our more challenging children 🙂 Pretty sure the grey hairs will be here soon 🙂

This is so him…misc, maryland trip 006 misc, maryland trip 007 misc, maryland trip 008_edited-1 misc, maryland trip 010_edited-1 misc, maryland trip 013_edited-1He is a ball of energy. Hopefully we can channel that in the right direction 🙂misc, maryland trip 016You probably noticed his eye. He had an unfortunate meeting with a bat. 14 stitches. I think he was a bit happy with the extra attention he received. And maybe a tad proud of his scar 🙂misc, maryland trip 003_edited-1 misc, maryland trip 004_edited-1It looks much better now 🙂 I can’t believe he managed to stay out of the ER this long 🙂 Thank God for doctors! mosl 023_edited-1Checking on the bulls we had loaded for the auction.mosl 022_edited-1 mosl 021_edited-1Love my little man!Under all that rough and tumble, he has a sensitive side too. Sometimes I wish that would show through a little more 🙂mosl 063And I’ll end with his goofy face 🙂


june, july 2014 and tiffany 039_edited-1I have this motto above my desk, where all the action happens 🙂 It’s a great reminder to me!

And awhile back, I posted pictures of my curtains that needed some pullbacks. These work very nice!june, july 2014 and tiffany 079_edited-1 june, july 2014 and tiffany 081 june, july 2014 and tiffany 083_edited-1 Little by little, I’m working at finishing up the office. I found a metal cart at a yard sale for $.50. Think I’m going to spray paint it orange and use it in the office. It could go awhile till that happens 🙂

Enjoy your day! Mine will be spent doing more corn. I can’t get enough of corn on the cob 🙂

13 yrs.

Today is our anniversary. Not sure how we’ve been married 13 yrs.already 🙂

We spent the day doing corn. I’m not complaining. I don’t have to get special treatment on special days 🙂 But after a too short night and a hard day of work,  I felt I could use a little pick me up 🙂 Lucky for us, it was school cleaning night. Boys restroom. Fun! 😉

So Dale stayed with the children and I headed to school. And I decided to make a short stop for something sweet.20140804_183641 Hello, my good friend 🙂20140804_184400Sometimes, you just have to make your day a bit special for yourself. Happy Anniversary to me 🙂

By the way,lest I sound too whiny, we were blessed with cards and texts wishing us a special day, and my mom provided us with lunch and a yummy DQ cake, so that was very nice!

I have to admit, anniversaries are something I don’t do well at remembering. But when you think about it, every day should be a day to be thankful for our spouses, to show them our love, not just on our anniversary 🙂