This little guy is so cute and happy as ever! I had so much fun taking his pictures! He was so good about it πŸ™‚mason 2014 025_edited-1 mason 2014 028_edited-1He was such a clown πŸ™‚mason 2014 032_edited-1 mason 2014 034_edited-1 mason 2014 055_edited-1 mason 2014 061_edited-1 mason 2014 073_edited-1 mason 2014 083_edited-1 mason 2014 085_edited-1Love those chubby feet!mason 2014 094_edited-2 mason 2014 138_edited-1 mason 2014 090_edited-1 mason 2014 084_edited-1 mason 2014 104_edited-3Larry and Becky, you are blessed with one special little boy! Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of taking Mason’s 2 yr. pictures πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Mason

  1. Becky Weiler says:

    Thanks jo! He is quite the lil peanut!:)
    We πŸ’™him tons…as well as the other 2.
    Btw…u did a great job!

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