So my sis-n-law said she needs a family picture for a scrapbook page, could I take one? I say, sure, but I’m not used to doing families 🙂 She was fine with that, and one night as we were both getting ready to go away ( we live right beside each other ), she asked if we could quickly do that. And quick was the word here! In 5 min. I took of them and the my nephews by themselves,and hoped for a good one 🙂 I told my brother-in-law I like longer sessions, but he said quick was his preference. Men 😉

Here are a few of the Goods. Aren’t they a cute family? 🙂may 2014 074_edited-1 may 2014 076_edited-1And the 2 cuties..may 2014 066_edited-1 may 2014 067_edited-1 may 2014 068Brothers are the best of friends. Mostly 🙂

Hope you are having a great week!!


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